Discover 3 Classic Skiing Destinations & Their Cultures

Last updated: May 30th, 2024

The feeling of a school ski trip is like nothing else, it’s laid-back, it’s friendly, it’s stylish, and that all comes down to its culture!

The culture is the juicy middle of every location, and each ski destination brings classic skiing traditions and facilities alongside boasting its own cultural identity. Three of our favourites? Italy, Canada, and France!

Here they are!

Italy’s Indulgences

The land of hearty pizza, style, and traditional Italian hospitality, Italy is stuffed with character and warmth and an absolute belter of a destination! France may be the icon of skiing, but the boot-shaped country is starting to compete for that snow-tipped crown.

Of course, there’s high-altitude skiing, wraparound scenery, rustic resorts, stylish shops, and slopes for every ability, but there are also bundles of Italian uniqueness.

The Club Hotel Monte Triplex in Italy.

Like après with stringy cheese meals (can you guess what they are?), medieval spa towns and some of the coolest characters you’re ever likely to find! One of our favourites includes staff bringing a little bit of magic with hot chocolate for the entire class as well as taking all their ski gear from the hotel to the slopes, adding a touch of warmth and convenience!

Simply put, the magnetism and charm of Italy are personified in its people! So, expect a school ski trip where your students bond and create new friends over pizza and great skiing experiences.

The best part? We’ve carefully selected destinations to some of the most warm and welcoming Italian ski resorts you’re ever likely to find.

Ciao Italia

Canadian Charm

On the other side of the world, where big really means BIG! Big in scope, big in character, big in community, big in cosy, and big in cultural diversity.

Canada packs a punch and that’s reflected perfectly in ultra-modern accommodation, where cosy experiences are guaranteed in purpose-built resorts. This includes the slopes too!

For the most part, Canadian slopes are engineered into the mountainside, meaning they can accommodate all levels of skiers with convenience, much like the inclines that can be easily skied by beginners from the base to the summit. There’s no waiting around for a lift, when your students are confident enough, they can ski on a steady slope right to the top!

Did we mention they’re super laid-back and accommodating too? The hotel in Mont-Sainte-Anne epitomises that perfectly, with their chilled-out vibes allowing students to wander and relax in their ski gear all around their spacious and stylish accommodation (it has the BEST fire pit ever!)

Picture taken of a French old town street, from an elevated position, in Quebec City

Canadian charm comes in buckets, with maple-syrup lollies made in the snow, flexible ski instructors, and slopes that are both quieter than your average European resort but also visited by the locals on a regular basis – knowing you can be sure the experience is one to be cherished.

Après includes natural wonders and iconic places aplenty that can only be discovered on the other side of the world! Stay in Mont-Sainte Anne or Stoneham and watch your students gape in wonder at the majestic Montmorency Falls, and then follow that up with a visit to the culturally rich Quebec!

If you pick the biggest Eastern Canadian resort of Mont Tremblant, you can hop over to the perfect contrast of history and modernity in Montreal. The choice is yours and your classes!

Charming, inviting, and memorable, Canada is a huge experience for any skier, and when compared to a European jaunt, its value for money is something else!

Hello Canada!

Our Ski Specialists

We’re super proud of our team of ski specialists working relentlessly to keep up to date about all our carefully chosen ski resorts. Our team actually ski the slopes we offer as well as absorbing the whole ski trip experience to make sure it’s just right for your school and students.

Their wealth of knowledge on what makes a classic and valuable skiing experience, as well as an intimate understanding of the culture of our destinations and resorts, is what makes them the perfect starting point for your school ski trip.

Real Skiing Experiences

What You Said


Everything was excellent, from the skiing to the pizza, we had a brilliant week! It was one of the main reasons we chose Rayburn for this level of service and support

Mr. James Endersby, Rastrick High School

The Flagship: France!

We’ve saved the icon of skiing until the last section of this blog as it’s simply the place to be for skiers from all over the world.

Close to the UK with classic chalets and slick contemporary accommodation, places like Morzine offer a bold British feel whilst also giving you traditional France with one of the only pedestrianised areas in the world, where ski scooter and horse and cart are the only modes of transport allowed!

That’s not all, as you and your students will be totally spellbound by the famous French hospitality. Expect delicious food and an unparalleled level of personal attention, much like one of our recent school ski trips where the couple who managed the property left baskets with sweets on students’ pillows whilst they were out skiing. We love that!

Skiers ski down a slope towards a resort in the background.

The ski areas are HUGE too, Portes du Soliel in Morzine crosses countries whilst the Paradiski area in Les Arcs spans 425km, with both offering areas for beginners and advanced skiers. There are also skiable glaciers and the second-highest ski resort in Europe in Les Deux Alps, so your school and students are pretty much guaranteed incredible mountain views topped in the crispest white you’re ever likely to see.

You can expect virtually no language barrier and your students can revel in passionate English-speaking ski instructors who simply know their mountainside inside out!

Let’s not forget the après, which is the perfect blend of busy and quiet, offering your students laid-back quizzes or bustling activities like ice skating and discos – whichever suits your class!

France is an icon for a reason, at once both modern and historic, cosy yet big, British yet French, we simply love tailoring your perfect school ski trip to any of our carefully curated destinations.

Bonjour France!

Easter & Pre-Christmas

Our chosen destinations are stuffed with memories and moments for your school and students that are just waiting to be made, but why not skyrocket those stories with an Easter or pre-Christmas school ski trip?

We only recommend destinations perfectly primed for this time of year, so expect less queue times, quieter slopes, and ski resorts with high altitudes, meaning you can be sure of snow. We can tailor and organise your ski trip to most of our destinations during these times, adding something extra special to your trip.

Blue graphic of skis and ski poles

Let’s Ski!

Skiing is unlike anything else and a large part of that is down to the culture, making a trip to any of our destinations special in so many ways.

Call us today and let’s start your school’s journey to an incredible experience.


Let's Chat Ski


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