Edinburgh Fringe is More Accessible Than You Might Think 

Last updated: Sep 21st, 2023

What can we say about the Edinburgh Fringe that hasn’t been said before? It’s arty, trendy, musical, fun, buzzing, but that means everyone wants to go and prices can potentially reflect that – meaning the festival can easily feel, from a financial perspective at least, that it isn’t accessible to you or your group.  

And it can feel even more overwhelming when planning your own logistics, as you find yourself with the challenges of having to book everything from accommodation, excursions, restaurants, and performance venues. 

We explore how the opposite can be said when travelling with Rayburn Tours, making The Fringe more financially accessible than you might think. This is mainly due to years of work to establish a fantastic network of on the ground contacts and suppliers, who we work with year after year to keep standards high and costs to a minimum.  

We recently experienced the electricity of the Fringe first hand, when we hooked up with 3 of our touring choirs in Edinburgh, following their journey and capturing their experiences in pictures and in words. 

One of our key takeaways when first chatting with members of the choirs was how they had been pleasantly surprised at the value and inclusions of the trip when their choir leader had first aired a desire to take them to the Fringe. It meant those initial conversations around who would/could potentially join the tour, positive ones.  

Couple this with the fact that the groups tour leaders had taken the advice provided on our website to plan at least 12 months in advance, meant that monthly payments could be cut down into more affordable bite sized chunks. 

Planning well in advance also presents groups with a greater choice and chance of securing preferred accommodation, excursions, transportation and, of course, all important performance venues. 

Yes, travelling to the Fringe in August will see prices skyrocket for individuals wishing to visit, but Rayburn are able to butt this trend, having secured valued partnerships that allow us to open this experience up to a whole host of performers… 

  • Accommodation
  • Travel
  • Excursions
  • Time for free time
  • Booking of performance venues
  • Gathering you an audience

Trust we’ve got it all covered…

We’ve nurtured excellent contacts and relationships with suppliers and venues over decades to make sure you have access to incredible, audited accommodation, restaurant bookings, excursions, and the best chances to experience and perform in some of the most inspiring performance spaces and venues the Fringe has to offer.

Not only that, we also work closely with coach companies to ensure smooth transportation of your performers to the Fringe and can also include a tour manager on your tour, helping with logistics while away and to ensure your trip runs as smoothly as possible.

Basically, we tailor all elements of your trip to perfectly suit the individual needs of your group.

Now that you know – time to get up and go?

We can’t stop talking about our Fringe festival experience and how accessible it is for our groups to get there – especially when comparing to attempting to book it yourself.

So if you’re feeling the rush to get to the largest performance arts festival in the world, and you need a helping hand alongside a friendly chat to one of our experts, give us a call or email via the button below.

We can’t wait to get you there.

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