The 6 Phenomenal Edinburgh Fringe Venues You Can Perform In

Last updated: Sep 21st, 2023

Edinburgh Fringe is THE performance arts festival to perform at! In fact, it’s the biggest festival of its kind in the entire world.

We were there recently and were able to experience 6 phenomenal venues bursting with a ready-made footfall, stunning acoustics, are visually appealing, bring an electric atmosphere, and supply a general feel-good buzz. 

By no means an exhaustive list of the venues on offer, get ready to feel inspired at these 6 stand out performance spaces. 



Fab Choir perform at Brewhemia, one of many Edinburgh Fringe Venues


Get your party and feel-good face on, this is the venue for an absolutely rocking time! 

Styled like a 1920’s Great Gatsby jazz bar, it’s super cool with the atmosphere totally electric. There’s on vogue chandeliers with lush green plants, hip wooden furniture, slick brass decoration, and pretty much every other type of cool add-on you can think off. 

And that’s even before we get on about the ready-made, ready to rock audience. Right off the central train station, Edinburgh Waverley, you’re guaranteed a ready-made audience who just want to have a good time. 

And when your stage is above the bar, you know everyone will be singing along with you in this intimate, trendy and outright visual treat of a performance venue. 


Greyfriars Kirk


Wellingborough Gospel Choir perform to a packed out Greyfriars Kirk. One of many Edinburgh Fringe Venues.


If Brewhemia brings the party, then Greyfriars is your incredible acoustic performance venue. Choirs specifically ask for this space because of the fantastic sounds it gives.

Historic and captivating, it’s a church off one of the main streets of Edinburgh and can accommodate your upbeat gospel choirs as well as your smaller, beautifully delicate singing groups.

It’s versatile, popular with tourists (which means a pretty much guaranteed audience), visually stunning, and simply put, enhances and brings your sound to the next level.

Expect goosebumps and good times. This is quite the venue.


St Vincent’s Chapel


The Voices City of Derby Girls Choir perform at St Vincent's Chapel. One of many Edinburgh Fringe Venues.


Intimate, respectful and a truly beautiful venue – it’s St Vincent’s Chapel. 

Tucked away in the leafy and trendy area of Stockbridge, it’s away from the main drag, which means you’ll likely get a calmer, ready to be captivated audience. 

Full of long wooden benches, stone archways, stained glass and historic flags on the walls and roof, this is a venue stuffed with warmth and history.  

Perfect for a smaller choir, it’s a sit back and let the music wash over you type of performance space. 

Simply beautiful. 


Shanghai Club at Le Monde 


A choir perform to a packed out Le Monde. One of many Edinburgh Fringe Venues.

Cool, hip, intimate and perfect if you’re looking to bring the fun and the party. 

Much like Brewhemia, Le Monde is a trendy step back in time to the Swingin’ 20’s style oozing cool and sophistication. Because it’s so trendy, it means there’s a good chance of packing out the place with audience members looking for a good time. 

Expect stylish cocktails, an audience ready to sing along, and plenty of low lit, happening visuals.  


St James Quarter


Ok, so all other venues bring their own roof. Not at the St James Quarter, where you’ll perform outdoors. 

The venue is part of the New Town and has a modern, hip shopping centre situated in it, meaning loads of ready-made audience members stopping to take in your performance. 

But don’t stop there, as you’ll be on the street, your sound will carry far and wide, meaning you’ll increase your chances of bolstering that audience of yours too. 

It’s fun, it’s vibrant, it’s attractive, it’s outdoors and it’s ready for you to bring the entertainment. 


Canongate Kirk


A choir perform to a packed out Canongate Kirk. One of many Edinburgh Fringe venues.

Want a space that delivers on colour, energy, visuals, history and acoustic loveliness?

Step forward Canongate Kirk!

A place where the colour scheme screams fun and feel good, the benches are painted a lovely light blue and the acoustics are right up there with Greyfriars.

An added bonus is that they have their own outside speaker system which projects your audio to the outside world. And we were actually there when a choir (from a tour we organised) packed out the place and officials were forced to close the street because of people dancing in the road from their set-list coming out those very same speakers!

If that’s not a lifetime memory, we’re not sure what is…



Get Me to the Edinburgh Fringe!


The city is utterly alive in the month of August, and everyone there is ready to take in the sights, the sounds, the offerings, and if you and your group happen to be there – you too! 

But don’t be put off by the costs or organisation, as we offer unbelievable costs (when you consider it’s Fringe month, your mind might just be blown…) and take on all the organisation of your tour so you don’t have to. 


Sounds good, doesn’t it?

If you want to chat to one of our friendly and expert and talented Tour Consultants about the Edinburgh Fringe, call or email us by pressing the button below and we can get the ball rolling.

If you’re ready, so are we.

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