Sit Back & De-Stress: How a Tour Manager Enhances Your Tour

Last updated: Jan 12th, 2024

Looking for that extra pair of helping hands on your trip who will look after the logistical and practical side of things so you don’t have to? Then a Tour Manager is your trips must-have!

Helping your tour seamlessly flow from one part to the next, communicating with suppliers, assisting your party with any unexpected hiccups and so much more, Tour Managers are a fantastic addition to your tailor-made itinerary, who can take away any left-over worries you have as a party leader.

They’re your on-tour go to, so to speak. Here’s how they enhance your tour from start to finish…

But first, what is a Tour Manager?

Knowledgeable, friendly, agile and completely determined to alleviate any logistical or practical worries you may have, Tour Managers are there to underpin the logistical side of your tour, so you don’t have to. They’ll speak with coach drivers, hotel managers, excursions and activity leaders, to ensure your tour seamlessly flows from one part to the next.

Where possible, they’ll speak the local lingo, really getting to the heart of communicating your tour as well as having an awareness of the culture of the place that you’re touring. Most reassuring though, is that they’ll be by your side in the event of any unexpected hiccups to solve those unforeseen problems. Bringing a calm and measured perspective when you most need it.

We’ve got a vast array of talented and experienced managers to call upon too…

Trained & Audited: The Right Tour Manager for Your Group


We make sure all our Tour Managers are DBS checked and are trained in helping handle your tour, arriving ready to meet your group and take leadership on navigating your destination and itinerary.

We take the time to carefully assess the right fit for your group – it’s a skill we’ve honed over our many years of working with schools in our selected tour destinations.

The 3 Ps: Prepared. Punctual. Positive.

We and our Tour Managers collaborate, inspire and inject a real dose of motivation in our training by getting excited about your tours! The framework we use to underpin all those trip logistics is ‘The Three P’s’: Prepared. Punctual. Positive.

Three words our Tour Managers live by when managing your trip.


What About YOU, the Party Leader?

Great question, Tour Managers understand that to get the most from your tour it requires a healthy and open dialogue with you, the party leader, to really get under the hood of what works for you and your group.

Of course, they’ll still communicate with members individually to build a fun and prosperous and problem-solving relationship, but to maximise your chances of creating an unforgettable tour, they’ll chat with you to get the logistical strategy absolutely under wraps and perfectly suited for your trip.

They’ll also understand that you might need a full throttle, front-of-house approach from your Tour Manager but also that you might want a more subtle, behind the scenes approach – whichever works for you, they’ll endeavour to ask that question at the start of your trip.

Having that clarity and everyone managing expectations is of the utmost importance.


Quick Pit Stop: The Top Tip Tour Manager Handbook!

We send Tour Managers out with a whole array of tools and knowledge, ensuring they are armed and ready to fulfil the requirements of their role.

  • They’ll have an intimate understanding of your group’s itinerary, achieved through meeting with your Tour Coordinator. Getting to grips with its flow and any logistical considerations that need extra focus, they’ll have a full understanding of what to expect on a day-by-day basis.
  • They’ll research all locations to be visited, the drop points and the all-important coach access considerations (extremely helpful when travelling on a concert tour with instruments!)
  • They’ll get to grips with knowing nearby useful places whilst on tour, like supermarkets and the local hospital
  • They’ll be there to do last minute double checks of all travel arrangements

Ultimately, they’re your back up so you can concentrate on the needs of your group.

By Coach or Plane, They Know the Game


If you’ve got coaches on tour, Tour Managers will communicate with the coach drivers to understand logistics and practicalities. They’ll also fulfil a few things to make themselves instantly recognisable and easily approachable whilst traveling with you on the coach.

Things like sitting at the front, using the mic to make helpful announcements, always at pick up and drop offs early, frequent headcounts – and if on a multi-coach tour, they’ll be on the coach you ask them to be!



They excel here too! From meeting your group at check-in (where possible and practical) to informing the Cabin Crew of any special announcements to helping you navigate security, luggage collection, special assistance to assistance with lost or damaged luggage – they’ve prepped for this too.

They’ll also locate the coach & public transport – your transfer points – from the terminal and direct you there. Again, there’s frequent headcounts.


It’s Not Just the Tour Manager with You on Tour – there’s Rayburn too!


Which means you and your Tour Manager can call upon our services to help if anything unexpected comes up – like the theft of a passport, coach breakdown, missed flights – we’re here to help and guide your tour back to its proper path.

I’m Ready for a Tour Manager!

If you’ve heard enough and want a Tour Manager with your group, and already have a tour lined up, then chat with your Tour Coordinator! They’ll endeavour to find the best person for your tour (it might even be them) so you know you’ve always got that extra pair of hands to help out!

If you’re looking for a tour and want a TM lined up straight from the off, then press the button below and we’ll get back to you!


Tour Manager Please!

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