Face to Face Visits – What We Can Learn

Last updated: Dec 21st, 2023

At Rayburn Tours we love building relationships with our clients, and what better way to build a relationship than to meet face to face. We do like to put a name to a face when we begin communicating with our groups, and we can then learn more about yourself, the group, and what you want to achieve throughout the tour. Building a rapport is so important when planning a big tour for your group, so starting off with just a chit chat about your weekend or what’s been happening in the week is a great way to get to know each other.

What can Rayburn learn from a face-to-face meeting:

  • We can get to know your group and design a bespoke tailor-made itinerary to fit your group perfectly.
  • We can learn what equipment you need to bring with you and ensure you have enough space for transportation.
  • We can build a close rapport with one another, putting you at ease during the planning process.


Rehearsals are so important for any performance, and we understand how regular they can be. If you think it is beneficial for us to come and listen, just give us a time and a date and we can try and attend! We can also attend via zoom and teams if the distance and timings become a bit of a challenge. This is a great opportunity for us to learn how the group are staged and answer any questions that the members have about the tour. By experiencing your group rehearsing we can get a feel of the size of the group, the amount of equipment you have and the layout of the performance, so we can find your perfect venue which for the right size and will fit your repertoire ready for your concerts.

Parents Evenings

If your school are having a parents evening and you would like us to attend to present the excitement of your tour like no other, we can make an appearance whether this be a meeting at your school or over teams. This is great for us to answer any questions from parents and teachers about the school trip, and for us to learn more about your group to design your perfect tailor-made itinerary. We will bring along a presentation which will have all the details of your upcoming tour, from accommodation, excursions, transportation, and music venues (for concert tours). We want to rub our passion for travelling on to everyone!



Stuck on where to start with planning a tour? You can even catch us at some conferences throughout the year. By visiting us face to face we can help you begin planning your tour for your school or adult music group. We can provide inspiration for tours; help guide you on which destination will suit your group and reflect our passion for travelling on to you. We want you to take that excitement away with you and start planning!



Teams’ Meetings

Prefer planning your tour face to face instead of via phone call or email? We can arrange teams or zoom calls to have a catch up and update one another on the plans for the tour. You can meet your salesperson and operator in one call, and we can all make sure we are on the same page of tour. Creating your itinerary requires teamwork from both sides and we want to be able to work together to ensure your tour ticks all your objectives and runs smoothly.

A partnership in the making

Meeting face to face during the planning of your tour builds a partnership with one another. Even when the tour has finished, we want to continue to support you all as a group, whether this be visiting a concert, engaging on social media with your school or concert group, and following what you are all up to. We enjoy keeping up to date with all our groups and would love to continue the partnership and keep arranging tours for you.

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