Snowmaking – How Ski Resorts Make Artificial Snow

Last updated: Mar 22nd, 2024

We’ve been running skiing and snowboarding school trips for a while now, and it’s reassuring to know ski resorts are expertly and abundantly prepared for years where there might be a less than average natural snowfall.

Artificial, or ‘technical’, snow has been around for some time, but how do ski resorts ensure your school ski trip goes ahead and just as you imagined it? Here’s how…

A Quick History on Artificial Snow

But first, a quick rundown of the history of artificial snow.

With a history of snowmaking machines on their slopes helping ensure snow for every type of skier, Morzine is your classic French ski resort. It’s part of the one of the largest ski areas in the world with Portes Du Soleil too.

We simply can’t get enough of tailor-making school ski trips to Morzine, so if it sounds like the ski destination for your class, let’s chat.

Types of Snowmaking Machines

There are two types of snow guns: the snow cannon, and the snow lance. Both work on the same principles, combining water with compressed air to create tiny ice crystals that fall to the ground as snow.

Snow cannons produce a more substantial yield, with the added benefit of being moveable, allowing delivery of their technical snow wherever it’s needed on the ski resort.

Snow lances are permanently installed on particular slopes and are basically smaller snow cannons, offering a more precise yet smaller supply of the white stuff.

Much like Mont-Sainte-Anne in Canada, which has 285 snowmaking machines allowing for an 80% coverage of artificial snow. As parts of the resort are north-facing, with high-altitudes, you’ll probably get picture perfect scenes of natural snow anyway!

Why are Ski Resorts Making Artificial Snow?

Big snow cannon making artificial snow on ski slope

Artificial snow is more reliable, more rain resistant, more compact, doesn’t melt as easily, and doesn’t depend on unpredictable weather patterns, with some French slopes able to produce tons of synthetic snow.

Generally, it means more snow to go around, resulting in longer ski seasons – with some resorts comfortably offering pre-Christmas 2024 slots and Easter skiing in 2025.

In fact, Stoneham ski resort in Canada is primed for late season skiing, with Easter skiing slots for 2025 ready and raring to go (just chat with one our specialist ski consultants to get started).

Why Artificial Snow is Important for School Ski Trips?

It’s great to ensure your school ski trip meets that one vital requirement of any ski trip: to be able to actually ski! You want your class to experience the fun and thrill of skiing – and artificial snow lays the groundwork for that to happen.

Your students will embrace new skills, new memories, a new level of confidence, a better appreciation of nature, an enhancement of their social skills, a new type of healthy exercise, and much more.

Les Deux Alpes ski resort’s snowmaking capabilities have ensured a long history of ensuring the slopes are primed with snow, meaning there’s a vast array of opportunities for your class to soak in that classic skiing experience in one of the iconic French ski resorts.

Ready to Ski?

Ensuring your mountainside is blanketed with snow is pretty much guaranteed on all the resorts we offer, meaning your school ski trip can focus on creating memories that last for years to come.

We’ve currently got slots for ski trips in the run-up to Christmas (in December), February 2025 half-term, and Easter in 2025. Whichever takes your fancy, chat with our friendly and specialist ski and snowboarding team today and we can find the right ski resort for you.


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