Skiing in Canada – Through the Eyes of Our Ski Reps

Last updated: Apr 24th, 2024

To get a snapshot of the emotion, the scenes, the memories, and the general feeling a Canadian school ski trip brings, we knew just the people to chat to!

Two of our Ski Reps who have just visited Mont-Sainte-Anne and Stoneham ski resorts with two schools and trust, their memories are extraordinary, with one school leaving a 5-star Google review documenting the amazing experience their school had.

We had the most wonderful experience with Rayburn, particularly Jessica S and Annabelle N, our tour reps. Thy could not have done more for us. They organised our entire overseas trip, including flights, accommodation and our skiing, which all went off seamlessly. When skiing, we had a small student accident on the mountain and the two of them were so calm and helpful and sorted out our needs flawlessly. Our insurance, arranged by Rayburn, had everything covered. Our reps made every effort in the world to ensure that our group of students had the best time. They engaged with us continuously and quickly became part of our team. We were terribly sad to say goodbye and hope to use Rayburn again.

Holly Nettleton

Our Ski Reps

Our Ski Reps who accompanied both schools on their tours are Ski Tour Consultant Jess and Ski Tour Co-ordinator Annabelle . Both are massive ski enthusiasts and are constantly looking to hone their skills for huge school ski trips like this Canadian adventure!

Rayburn Tours Ski Reps pose for a selfie whilst in Canada skiing and snowboarding

Jessica Seddon, Ski Tour Consultant

Jess, an experienced skier, has personal ski seasons in both France and Canada under her belt and by the end of this season, she will have refined her skillset even further with a plethora of European ski trips.

As a Ski Tour Consultant, Jess’s role is invaluable in understanding your trip needs, wants, and to get the ball rolling on your next skiing adventure.

With her wealth of experience, she also helps you discover and explore possible destination alternatives. In short, she makes sure your school ski trip suits you perfectly – from ski resort to general destination, she understands intimately the right place for you and your students.

Annabelle Nojac, Ski Tour Co-ordinator

Annabelle, who’s skiing history includes visits to ski areas like France’s Morzine and Les Arcs, is a native French speaker, and simply loves getting on the slopes!

Where Ski Tour Consultants help you discover your perfect skiing adventure, Ski Tour Co-ordinators ensure your school ski trip is planned with precision.

They organise travel, accommodation, ski passes, ski school inclusion, excursions, and much more. Basically, they dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’ to ensure your school ski trip logistics are as robust and efficient as they can possibly be.

Plus, Annabelle’s just one of our many talented and experienced linguists inside our office who help make your tour as seamless and enjoyable as possible by speaking the native language. Where we can, we’ll endeavour to include a Ski Rep on your international trip who speaks the local lingo.

As ski trips go, the Canadian epic on the other side of the world was one both were hugely keen to tick off. This is what they discovered…

“Cannot speak highly enough of the hotel”

To ensure you’re in a safe space to start and end the day, we go to huge efforts to make sure the hotels we source are the perfect place for your school ski trip – and the Delta Monte Sainte-Anne hotel doesn’t disappoint!

A 4-star piste side luxury accommodation that is, quite simply, out of this world! It’s great for walking round in your ski-kit, has a beautiful firepit, and is prime for your students’ taking loads of Insta photos.



What is piste side? Simply put, it means you’re next to the groomed slopes of the ski resort you’re visiting, getting you closer to the heart of the skiing action – you’re in the thick of it! The Delta hotel surroundings take it up a level too with beautiful backdrops for as far as your eyes can see. That’s not all…

Staff are bilingual, the buffet offers lots of choice (with it all labelled – making it easy for any dietary requirements your group may have), it’s modern, it’s cosy, it’s quiet, it’s stylish, it’s superbly maintained – trust, it’s the perfect base for your once-in-a-lifetime school ski trip to Canada.


The hotel is fantastic – at one point I was sitting in a hot tub with stunning mountain scenery everywhere I looked. Truly a pinch me moment!

Jessica Seddon
Ski Tour Consultant


Racks of colourful skis hung on the wall


Ski fit – “I’ve never seen it achieved so quick”

As you probably know, a ski fit with your class can be hectic, but not at the Sainte-Monte-Anne ski resort.

Instead of a chaotic room of kids, skis, boots, poles, and loads of waiting around, the process has been streamlined to precision. Every bit of ski gear is given to skiers at the same time, rather than each student waiting for each bit of ski kit to be given to them separately. You’re in, then you’re out.


Normally you get everything one thing at a time like your boots, your skis, and it’s all quite faffy. But this ski fit I’d never seen it achieved so quick – everything was just set up and ready for us. They gave them all their boots, all their skis – and it was just so efficient.

Jessica Seddon
Ski Tour Consultant



I think we can say they’ve got it down to a fine art as they take 25 minutes to get everyone ready and raring to go! Efficient, well-organised, it sets you up nicely to get on those slopes.

Plus, both our reps were completely blown away by the ski schools caring and considerate ski instructors.



It’s the first time I’ve seen real flexibility from a ski school in sourcing an additional instructor to help with the progression of beginners. They just added another instructor for added support, guidance and attention. It meant everyone could enjoy their skiing.

Annabelle Nojac
Ski Tour Co-ordinator


We can’t guarantee this type of flexibility from ski instructors and schools for every trip, but it just goes to show how on this occasion the Canadian ski instructors were more than willing to facilitate additional support. They went above and beyond!


“Classic Ski Experience”



The resorts and the quieter slopes are perfect for schools wanting to avoid the hustle and bustle of the usually hectic February half-term. They’re calmer, there’s even more chances to soak in the culture, and the locals simply love coming back time and again – with Jess chatting with an 82-year-old Canadian who couldn’t get enough of the well-groomed slopes.

It meant it was either schools or locals at the ski resorts.

The purpose-built resorts tree-lined slopes converge at the bottom of the incline, allowing everyone skiing to finish at the same point. This gives teachers and students peace of mind on the mountainside, as well as the ski resort in general.

Also, both resorts have the green beginner slope going from top to bottom, meaning your beginners can easily go up and down the mountainside.


It was very much the classic ski resort – even the locals kept coming back. Every slope is boarded with trees, so students can also have fun there. Everything goes down the same central point as well – I also saw a chipmunk run across my path!

Jessica Seddon
Ski Tour Consultant



Montmorency Falls & Quebec



The après included something truly special, which you can only see on the other side of the world.

Taller than Niagara Falls, Montmorency Falls are only 15 minutes from the ski resorts, and they are simply spectacular. You can even approach them in a number of ways – on foot, either self-led or with guides, with one of the most dramatic routes crossing the suspension bridge whilst the full force of the water flows beneath your feet!

Or you can take it up a level for something truly special by using the cable car. You’ll see the falls from a different perspective and soak in picturesque panoramic views of the surrounding area. Get your cameras ready!

Add another 15 minutes travel on top of that visit, and you’re in Quebec’s French old town embracing different cultures, sights, sounds, smells, and tastes. It gives you that familiarity of a city with the discovery of somewhere special, an extraordinary experience and one to cherish.


We visited Montmorency Falls then Quebec and found both to be incredible! We all enjoyed that afternoon – it was a real success.

Annabelle Nojac
Ski Tour Co-ordinator




Friendly Faces & Nighttime Skiing

Rayburn Tours Ski Rep Annabelle Nojac poses for the camera, with her face towards Montmorency falls, and her back, with the Rayburn Tours orange logo on the back of her ski jacket, towards the camera

If you ever decided to go Quebec whilst on your tour, the staff would, at no extra hassle or cost, simply rearrange your afternoon skiing to a nighttime slot so you didn’t miss out on any opportunity to ski.

It’s just another show of the easy-going and considerate staff at the resort – nothing’s too much for them!

For one more unique moment that taps into another realm of skiing sounds, sights and smells, nighttime skiing is an absolute must! Expect twinkly snow, starry nights, feel-good tunes, floodlights lighting your way, towns sparkling in the distance, and a general feel-good vibe.

That’s what Jess, Annabelle and the schools experienced, and it really was one for the scrapbook.

The groups did nighttime skiing too, and that was really, really cool!

Jessica Seddon
Ski Tour Consultant



Your School Ski Trip to Canada?

Wow, simply wow! Trust,  the schools had an incredible time. And so did Ski Tour Consultant Jess and Ski Tour Co-ordinator, Annabelle.

If you’re looking for skiing on the other side of the world that delivers on all the above and so much more, call our ski experts who will help tailor-make your itinerary perfect for your school ski trip.

We’ve currently got pre-Christmas and Easter 2025 slots available for Canada, too.


Ski Trip? Let's Chat!

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