POV: Skiing for the First Time

Last updated: May 30th, 2024

When my manager pitched me the idea of hitting the slopes this ski season, I was all in, armed with an electric kind of excitement and balance that could make Bambi on ice look steady.

Venturing to Italy’s renowned resorts – Sestriere, Sauze d’Oulx, and Bardonecchia – was a no brainer! And after years of listening to my friends and family members rave about skiing, I finally had the chance to experience it myself.

They say to be an expert, you have to start as a beginner, and that’s exactly where I found myself! I couldn’t believe how much I learnt in just a matter of days, and it ignited a fierce desire to share my experience, from terrific triumphs to slightly less terrific tumbles.

This blog is for all the newbies out there who are curious about what to expect on a school ski trip! Read on…

Skiiers queuing to use the ski lifts at Sestriere Ski Resort in Italy

A Different World

Arriving at a ski resort for the first time feels like stepping into an entirely different world – quite the cliché, but a total winter wonderland!

All three resorts offered me miles and miles of snow-capped peaks! The air was crisp, the kind of crisp that has your cheeks rosy red. And my senses felt heightened – you have the brightness of the sun bouncing off the snow, the feeling of crisp air as you inhale, and the icy crunch under your feet as you walk.

It’s so refreshing to be somewhere so different to home. When you go on a typical summer holiday, you can usually draw similarities quite quickly, but here, it’s a complete unique experience!

Key takeaway: The mountain views alone will make you feel like you’ve entered a new chapter in your story.


I checked out the ski resort cams to keep an eye on the weather before arriving, but with the sun in our favour, dressed rather light for my first day on the slopes.

I soon learnt that dressing for a ski trip, whether it be off or on the slopes, is about finding the perfect balance of layers. You have to be prepared for the cold when you’re standing still or a breeze picks up, but ready to shed those layers as soon as you start moving and generating heat. Good waterproof shoes and gloves are another must – your hands and feet are definitely the first to feel the cold!

Key takeaway: Layers are the way to go! And to the one person I saw wearing Crocs… Big mistake – snow melts!


View from the ski lift at Sauze D'Oulx Ski Resort in Italy

Cloud 9

I’ve never been afraid of heights really, but I was a little nervous about going on the ski lift for the first time. I had that flutter in my stomach – half nervousness, half excitement.

It’s actually far more straight forward than I imagined. You settle into your seat, the barrier comes firmly down, and off you go! The gentle sway carries you higher and higher, and as you ascend, a sense of freedom washes over you.

Then time just stops. The contrast of the warm sun on your skin and fresh breeze through your hair is rather calming, and the views are just something else! While I was up there, it suddenly registered to me that moments of peace like this are special, defining even – I felt limitless!

Key takeaway: In the world of ski, excitement and tranquillity come hand in hand.

Selection of ski boots on shelves at a ski rental store in Bardonecchia Italy


All the Gear

Upon entering the ski fit shop, I was faced with a maze of ski rental options. My first thought… this is going to be harder to navigate than a Zara summer sale.

How wrong I was. The staff had got their system down to a fine art. We were geared up in no time – they had every colour, every style, every size!

People were laughing and posing in their helmets – it was all far less serious and tedious than I imagined. As soon as the students had their gear on, they just wanted to get up and ski.

And Absolutely ZERO Idea…

The excitement of skiing is unlike anything else! I’ve never experienced anything remotely similar.

As you buckle up your ski boots and strap on your skis, there’s a rush of excitement mingled with a hint of nervousness. Like all beginners, I started with the basics. I was taught how to find my balance, make those first turns, and gradually come to a stop. I soon learnt that a few tumbles are all part of the process – but I felt safe knowing the instructors had my back.

Each and every run was different, and it was crazy to see how much I had improved in a matter of hours. I never used to get the hype of skiing, but now it makes a lot more sense to me.

Key takeaway: Practice and patience! No two runs are the same – you get to experience a new excitement every single time!

A collection of ski's and snowboards stored on a rack at Sauze D'Oulx Ski Resort in Italy

Comfort and Community

To my surprise, there was a strong sense of solidarity among skiers of all ages and abilities. Whether it was sharing a ski lift or cheering each other on from the bottom of the slope, we were united by a shared love for adventure and excitement. Those with experience were willing to share all their tips and tricks, and those who were new had an insatiable appetite for learning.

Key takeaway: Life’s greatest adventures often begin outside our comfort zones!

Georgi Martin

Marketing Executive


Blue graphic of skis and ski poles


And there we have it, my first-time experience skiing!

If you’re looking for a unique trip that has students learning and growing in a matter of days, I could not recommend skiing highly enough!

To make these kind of experiences happen, just talk to our team!

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