WWI Battlefield Teaching Resource

Inspired by our recent Iceland series, we’ve compiled a truly insightful and heartfelt dedication of teaching resources centred on WWI battlefields in France and Belgium. Proudly in partnership with History Tour Guide, PHD candidate and First World War expert Richard Broadhead, your free educational resource aimed at KS2 & KS3 students includes a stunning classroom poster, 14 immersive battle fact files, a selection of emotive soldier’s stories and much more.

Classroom Poster

Our A3 sized poster includes the main events of the First World War. Backgrounded on a map of the Western Front, 14 pivotal battles are pinpointed to engage students with small facts alongside the context and scope of the conflicts.



Event Fact Files

Our Event Fact Files include a meticulously researched amount of detail and can be used either in unison with the Classroom Poster, where they build on the small facts in greater scope, or as a standalone resource for lessons focused on a particular battle.



Their Story – Real Lives on the Western Front

Battles are fought by people and with our 14 stories focused on an individual soldier, you and your class will be able to emotionally connect with men who fought in each of the 14 major battles of WWI. It’s a real eye-opener, as some aren’t much older than your students.



School boy dressed in World War One uniform

But there’s more…

Also, some of our team travelled to the battlefields in Ypres and Somme in our Western Front tour recently, and they came back with a powerfully new perspective on the war. This, in a huge part, was down to the History Tour Guides incredible expertise and emotive storytelling.

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