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Experience a history trip to the Battle of the Somme… Over a century has passed since but this legendary clash, which claimed countless lives, continues to resonate today. Born of a joint effort between French and British forces to conquer the Germans and claim ultimate triumph in WW1, the battle instead became a harrowing, near five-month-long struggle characterised by fear and desperation.

With their incredible knowledge and passion, our history tour guides bring this past to life, painting a vivid and immersive picture of the soldiers’ experiences. Students are encouraged to step into the shoes of the brave fighters who faced untold horror on the Somme, drawing powerful lessons about the nature of conflict and the strength of human spirit. Through exploring the Somme’s turbulent history, your students can gain profound insights into resilience, fear, and the complexities of the battlefield – lessons essential to our modern world and the conflicts we continue to face!

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Popular places to stay in The Somme

  • Located in the historic centre of Albert
  • Sole occupancy available (subject to availability)
  • Teachers’ lounge
  • Free access to football and basketball pitch across the street
  • Wi-Fi
  • Breakfast room (capacity 190)
  • Games room with pool table, table football and pinball machine
  • Teachers’ lounge with pool table, computer, fridge and telephone
  • Computers with free internet access
  • Contained outdoor space
  • Free access to football and basketball pitch across the street
  • Wi-Fi
  • Enjoy a game of pool or table football
  • Relax in the teachers’ lounge
  • Make use of the computers
  • Play some games or relax in the contained outdoor space
  • Play a game of football or basketball on the pitch across the street

Curriculum Information

All secondary school students

  • Curricular Links
    • Life on the frontline
    • Trenches and trench life
    • Command and leadership
    • War and technology
    • Women – their role and the impact of war on their lives
    • Medicine and medical advancement
    • The Home Front
    • The role of the Commonwealth and Empire troops
    • Writers and poets
    • Conflict and warfare over time

Step into the story...

History is much more than the events of the past – it encompasses the future and everything else in between! It sparks curiosity and drives learning, encouraging students to question and learn from the world around them.

To bring these thrilling periods of history to life, we have a vast array of tools at our disposal. Discover the fascinating tales of heroism, defeat, learn about the monumental landmarks and the shrouded secrets that have remained hidden for years.

Our devoted history guides transport students back in time, immersing them in the intricacies of historical periods. Check out our FREE history resources too – use them to inspire and educate in the classroom, before and long after your trip!

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