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5 days and getting excited!!

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

4 very excited Coleraine High School teachers have just had their last planning meeting before we depart to Sorrento in Italy on Monday morning. All passports are now in the safe hands of Mrs Currie. Every teacher has been given jobs to do and an important discussion on what to wear was also considered. Going up Vesuvius in running shorts was an option considered but Mrs Currie declined this form of wear. Being the eldest in the group…Maybe not a good look for her!

The girls are all getting really excited too – all 54 of them! What shall I wear? Do I have to wear my boots on the plane? Can we please wear hot pants? (Upper 6th, I know you are joking!).

The excitement is palpable! And no, Jennifer, you can’t sing “we’re all going on an Italian holiday” on the bus to Dublin airport. At 1am I think it might not go as well as planned!

Looking forward to all this blogging too! Happy reading 🙂