Faringdon College: Day 5 (Final Day)

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

It was a very fine breakfast once again but with an added “course”; presentations were made by the staff on behalf of themselves and the pupils to Rasa and Lena of B&B Selfoss, Magnus Thor, of the GT Coach Company driver and myself. Never have I received such an enormous card!; many thanks. After stripping bedding and packing cases, departure was prompt. Again the weather continued fair.

A quick “twirl” was added in on our journey to Reykjavik to the Hellisheidi Geothermal Power Plant to view the extravagant building at its heart. The question was, what had the architect in mind when designing the building; a few clues were given and soon the answer was delivered – the central entrance and exhibition area represents the Mid Atlantic Ridge and the two “wings” represent the North American Plate and the Eurasian Plate.

First stop in Reykjavik was the Perlan from which, perched as it is on top of several massive hot water storage tanks, a great 360 degree panorama over the city is gained. The setting is spectacular with mountains and fiords on the city’s doorstep. But soon it was down to the city’s heart where some serious shopping and cafe enjoyment was tackled with gusto. Much was bought, much of it even tasteful! Reykjavik is a lovely colourful city in which to spent some time, especially on a sunny day as the group had. But by early afternoon it was back out alongside the Mid Atlantic Ridge and on to Keflavik Airport to catch the Heathrow bound plane.

It was a time for reflection; the tour had gone by incredibly quickly, masses had been seen and much of Iceland’s awesome geography – hopefully – understood. There had been much fun and joy throughout the tour. The group had certainly been full of beans throughout (and waffles!) and many great experiences shared. How many photographs had been taken? Many thousands, I’m sure! Personal achievements abounded too; trips such as this do so much more than simply enhancing geographical education. The pupils have grown in so many ways, becoming ever more self reliant, assisting others, sharing, working as a group, etc. Let’s hope this is apparent on their return to the UK! I have thoroughly enjoyed being with Faringdon College, doing my “bit” as field study tutor. Am I exhilarated? Yes. Am I exhausted? Definitely! But it was a pleasure; takk fyrir komuna.

Ian K Hardie.