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Day 1

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Journey to Iceland went smoothly but there’s no getting away from the fact that it is long journey, with us getting to bed at 3am. Apparently, there was some turbulence on the way over but I think I must have slept through it!

The staff at the Hotel Mossfell couldn’t have tried harder to make us welcome. We set off promptly at 9am for the Greenhouses at Akur farm. The farmer gave the students a tour of the cucumber & tomato houses where our students learned about organic farming methods and were treated to a tasting session of some of the produce. We then drove on to Faxifoss where Lauren marshaled the group to perform a small selection of dances. Amy has taken on the mantle of filming and putting together a film, I think we might plump for an eclectic style this year. Our next stop was the Geysir at Geysir. Best moment was the way Nicole, Ella, Sarah and Izzy reacted to the eruption of the Geysir, I don’t think I have seen them move so fast. Our last stop of the day was the spectacular Gullfoss which never ceases to amaze and looked especially majestic in the bright sunlight. Unfortunately, the lower path was closed because of the icy conditions, so we took the upper path which offered some fantastic views. Students asked a lot of good questions and I hope they can take this knowledge away with them.

As I tap this out on the coach on the way back to the Hotel I think the driver and I are the only ones awake. I suspect that many of them are not used to prolonged exposure to fresh, bracing air. We still have dinner and a swim at the open air pool to come. Fingers crossed with this clear sky we might yet see the Aurora Borealis tonight.