Change is around the corner

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

What have you noticed about the way Russia has changed from the Bolshevik period to modern day?

The period of silence is now over. Going from restricted freedom of speech and movement Russians now can speak and travel without persecution. Even though speech is no longer regulated to a minute detail we still find human rights being violated such as Pussy Riot protesters finding themselves behind bars for expressing their views. Despite this we do find reforms within other parts of Russian society.

The Cult of Personality still lives on within Putin yet this is less God like and more of an idol for society to follow. During Bolshevik Russia religion was largely banned and anyone practicing religion were cast from society. With of Stalin’s social reforms put in place to help the war effort we see the abolishment of religion from Russian society. He even comically had a church torn down to build a swimming pool in its place. This churh has now been revived in modern russia.

Another dramatic change has been the position of the Russian economy. Privatisation from state owned enterprises is the main change in the economy. The economy during the Soviet era was appalling due to the mass spending in armaments lacking a focus on consumer goods. Putin has helped to revive and stabilize Russian economy by not concentrating on defence like his predecessors did.

Many that were part of the former USSR are now free independent countries.

Showing the level of change in this time period leaving Russia with a new global stance.

Ben and Benji