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Top Ten Things from Day 3!!

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

10.The Coach sing along – would have worked really well if we knew modern songs or the students knew classics! We went for a mix of both at the same time! Bare tuneful!
9. Getting to stroke some rare Icelandic Horses after our coach driver decided this was definitely something we must do!
8. Making it to the 470th step at the waterfall without dying and then all having to wait for Miss L to very very very slowly climb back down clinging to the rope handle!
7. Elishia getting into the pool wearing a duck shower cap – can´t get the hair wet!
6. The students requests that we pick up a hitch hiker called Steve – unfortunately we were not heading his way!
5. Getting behind the waterfall and taking an amazing group selfie!
4. Miss L making up “facts” todays best being we are the only people to ever visit this Glacier except Bear Grylls and Miranda Hart in their Christmas Special (especially as said as another tour bus arrived at the car park!)
3. Max and Wilko finally mastering the pairs catalogue photo shoot poses (only taken 3 days and 2 matching red coats!)
2. Making C.J. orange monitor and spending the day giving the students helpful reminders that the oranges were C.J´s responsibility!
1. Convincing Lauryn that Iceland was once inhabited by “Haggis” (a small furry creature with 2 short legs on the right and 2 long legs on the left so it could run round mountains quickly! – even managing to get her to beleive you got rare anti-clockwise Haggis with long right legs and small left!!!)

Missesssss(apparently this is the plural of Miss) M and L