Day 4 :)

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Yesterday evening was great, we were allowed to go late night swimming in the hotel pool until half 9.

This morning was an early start for everybody as we had to catch a ferry to Heimaey island to climb a volcano. Was disappointed to find out we weren’t actually swimming in a volcano though as I thought we were hahaha.

The ferry was terrible as it smelt so bad of fish, the ride wasn’t very enjoyable as it made everybody sea sick. Once we got to the island, we headed for the volcano but took a quick stop to talk about the volcano eruption in 1973 which sadly destroyed many houses. Then we took a long trek up the 200m high volcano, moaning along the way as we all said it was too high to walk up but once we got to the top is was definitely worth it as we got an amazing view of the island and the sea and mountains around it.

Then we had to climb all the way back down doing more moaning but was most definitely worth it as we got to have a subway afterwards haha.

After all this, we went swimming (not in a volcano unfortunately) but it was just as great as there were waterslides, one being a trampoline on a slide that goes into the pool. We then took a quick stop at the Surtsey centre, finding out more about how the volcano formed a new island.

Finally got back onto the ferry, for a less sickening ride but still carried the fishy smell along with it.

Now we’re getting ready for the miss and Mr Iceland competition, dressing the boys up as girls and the girls up as boys.

I’ve enjoyed my time in Iceland very much, glad I came. Upset to be going home tomorrow, but still looking forward to my McDonalds which we’ll be getting on the way home haha.

Courtney x