Iceland – A Geographer’s Dream

Last updated: Aug 22nd, 2019

I’m not showing off but I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been to Iceland. I’ve been enough times to know that getting an “F” window seat on the outbound flight will give you stunning aerial views of the south of the island and whet your appetite for what awaits you on arrival. Wow Air has even listed the top 10 sights  to see on a descent into Reykjavik. From the air the view is staggering (if there’s a clear sky of course) but this is no substitute for getting up close and personal with the dramatic Icelandic landscape that will leave you open mouthed with awe.

Despite the frequency of my visits I never tire of this constantly changing landscape. We all know that Iceland is a geographer’s dream and sharing the delights it has to offer with people seeing it for the first time is special. Watching the “light come on” for countless geography students as finally the text book theory comes to life and they understand the concepts drilled into them in the classroom is one of the most rewarding experiences for a teacher.

What to include in an itinerary though is not such an easy choice. Of course there’s the standard “Golden Circle” and the South Coast tours, both packed with geographical experiences that will enthuse the most recalcitrant of students. As beautiful as these areas are though, they barely scratch the surface of what Iceland has to offer. If you want to get away from the cruise ship tourists then you will need to venture further afield – Landmannalaugar, Vatnajökull, Jökulsárlón (all included in the Wow Air list). In my next blog I’ll tell you more about these breath-taking destinations and why you might want to consider adding them in to your next Iceland itinerary. They really are spectacles not to be missed!