Why I love Montpellier

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

“I studied French in Montpellier, and I would go back in a heartbeat.”

Montpellier truly is a magnificent, beautiful and vibrant city. When it comes to studying a new language, the benefits of travelling to a new city, mixing with the local people and immersing yourself in the culture is obvious to anyone who has experienced this incredible opportunity.



I was lucky enough to spend many months living in this fantastic city while I was a student. I can’t speak more highly of how much it helped me develop both my language skills, and my confidence in speaking to others and engaging with a new and different culture.



The fact that students make up almost a third of Montpellier’s population means that there is a natural mix of cultures and languages, as well as genuine, understanding and patient locals who love to meet groups who are learning a new language.

This creates a very welcoming atmosphere for travelling groups, as well as a youthful and vibrant vibe for students to enjoy as they explore the bustling streets.

What still stands out to me when I think of Montpellier, apart from the friendly and welcoming people, is the combination of amazing Mediterranean weather, the lovely historic centre and the gorgeous public gardens throughout the city.



Plus, with easy public transport links to areas outside the city, there’s lots of opportunities to explore even more of this fascinating region. I can’t stress enough how beautiful this city is, and with so much to see and do students couldn’t ask for better place to learn, listen and have a go at developing their language skills in the greatest classroom there is.