Day 1 Start; “Stop giving me werther’s I’m not your grandad!” – Mr Blood

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Day 1:

We started at school in the hall to meet up at 8:55 where we dropped off our suitcases and split up into three groups to register in so we dont lose anyone on the way.

Then after I interrupped a year 10 lesson to find the password for this blog we headed down the hill to the very nice coach, loading our bags and finding our seats. Miss Parry then introduced our mascot, Ray, who is going with us everywhere.

Mr Ray Burns

After a while we saw the first sign for the airport and started to get excited. Half an hour later we were there and started taking our bags out. From there we walked to the check in gates and started to check in bags with only one person having an over sized bag (6th form Jack.)

First sight of plane.

Then we were escorted over too sercuity. We were done with sercurity quite fast with only a few setting off the detector. However myself and sister Drew both had our bags taken away with Drew being cleared and me losing my apple juice and scissors that were left in my pencil case by mistake.

We then went shopping in duty free with a lot of us going to Burger King. We then met up again, all on time except miss Parry and Ray who were late and we headed to the gate. After a few minutes wait and getting to see the plane we started to board with us all being able to keep our passports and boarding pass safe as we are now reponsible. I mean no one would lose their pass that lets them go on holiday? Would they Mat? (He still got on the plane thanks to Miss Rushton-fox.)


We then took off and soon left England. During the flight Cora & Emily took a photo for the blog, Mr Blood looked funny sleeping and he thought the sea was a “big lake” and Ray started the hashtag #alleynesiceland15 that posted pictures will use. Also we got the first view of iceland.