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Day 3; “If I was a Top Trump card you’d want me…” -Mr Blood

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

The day started with a seven AM breakfast, again, the pancakes were great. From there we got into the coach and headed for the harbour where we caught a ferry over to the Vestmannaeyjar islands, more specifically Heimaey.

Once on Heimaey we started by climbing the lava flow and volcano from the eruption in the 1970s that added 20% to the island. As were we walking up the path miss Rushton-Fox found a ring and when we reached the first view point, Oliver proposed to Theo (he said yes).  We then continued to the peak where we had some food and warmed up on some volcanic vents that were putting out heat.



Then we started to head down the gravel covered volcano to the museum. During which a few people slipped and fell over, with Ellis falling the most at six times.

We were then at the museum where we got to see one of the buried housed that were excavated. The most enjoyable part of the museum was the sand/ash pit.


After that we went to the swimming pool. At the pool we got changed and a few people used the diving board and then we went outside into the hot tubs and then spent the next hour and and a half using the slides. One of which consisted of a tube that emptys onto a trampoline like tarp, which led to most of us try to slide down while standing up with a few including Mr Blood doing it successfully.