Top 10 phrases for your international trip

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

You’ve booked your international trip. You’ve got your students, itinerary, tickets, passports and bags packed… but there’s something you’ve forgotten! With the excitement of planning an international trip, it’s all too easy to forget to brush up on a few key phrases before you go.

English may well be the most widely spoken second language in the world, but being armed with some simple expressions can go a long way in communicating with locals – and you never know when they might come in handy!

We know you’ve not got the time to become fluent, so we’ve put together our top 10 key phrases:


French: Bonjour

Spanish: Hola

German: Hallo

Italian: Ciao

Flemish: Hallo

Dutch: Hallo

Icelandic: Góðan dag



French: S’il vous plaît

Spanish: Por favor

German: Bitte

Italian: Per favore

Flemish: Alstublieft

Dutch: Alstublieft

Icelandic: Takk


Thank you

French: Merci

Spanish: Gracias

German: Danke

Italian: Grazie

Flemish: Dank U

Dutch: Dank u

Icelandic: Takk


Excuse me

French: Excusez-moi

Spanish: Perdón

German: Entschuldigung

Italian: Scusi

Flemish: Pardon

Dutch: Excuseer me

Icelandic: Afsakið


Do you speak English?

French: Parlez-vous Anglais?

Spanish: ¿Habla inglés?

German: Sprechen Sie Englisch?

Italian: Parla inglese?

Flemish: Spreekt U/spreek je Engels?

Dutch: Spreekt u Engels?

Icelandic: Talarðu ensku?


Where is…?

French: Où est…?

Spanish: Dónde está…?

German: Wo ist…?

Italian: Dove si trova…?

Flemish: Waar is…?

Dutch: Waar is…?

Icelandic: Hvar er…?


How much?

French: Combien…?

Spanish: ¿Cuánto?

German: Wie viel…?

Italian: Quanto?

Flemish: Hoeveel?

Dutch: Hoeveel

Icelandic: Hversu mikið…?


I would like…

French: Je voudrais…

Spanish: Me gustaría

German: ich möchte…

Italian: Vorrei…

Flemish: Ik wil…

Dutch: Ik wil graag

Icelandic: Ég ætla að fá…


I don’t understand

French: Je ne comprends pas

Spanish: Yo no comprendo

German: ich verstehe nicht

Italian: Non capisco

Flemish: Ik begrijp het neit

Dutch: Ik versta het niet

Icelandic: Ég skil ekki



French: Au revoir

Spanish: Adiós

German: Auf Wiedersehen

Italian: Ciao

Flemish: Dag

Dutch: Vaarwel

Icelandic: Bless


With these phrases you’ll be equipped with the basics. If all else fails? Talk a little louder!