British International School of Chicago in Iceland

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

The British International School of Chicago (BISC) enjoyed an exhilarating first day, despite arriving a little jet lagged this morning. We were soon off to a cracking start, viewing Reykjavik from the roof terrace of the Perlan building, built over immense tanks which provide the city with endless geothermally heated water.


Off next to find elusive puffins breeding on islands in the bay. 20,000 apparently are estimated to be on Lundi island at the moment – try photographing one well! Luckily Richard from BISC is an ace photographer.


He also took this beautiful shot of Harpa on our return:


Following a successful refuelling stop at the Hamburger Factory, it was off to the Volcano House. Sadly the jet lag, sea air and full tummies won the physical battle against the superb footage of Heimaey, and gentle snoring could be heard from 95% of this lovely group.

Onto supper at our accommodation, followed by a lively football game in view of Eyjafjallajökull seemed a surrealistic end to a fabulous day.