5 reasons every Geography student should experience outdoor learning

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

1.      A fresh outlook

Excite your students about people, places and the environment. Taking your budding geographers to unfamiliar environments challenges their existing thinking and provides them with a fresh outlook on the world.


2.      First-hand experience

Exploring a destination first-hand helps students understand their surroundings and creates an emotional response that’s difficult to replicate in the classroom.


3.      Geographical thinking

Getting your students outside of the classroom to undertake fieldwork can open their eyes and help them ‘think like a geographer’. They’ll ask questions, identify issues, make links with existing knowledge, solve problems, challenge accepted theory and think critically.


4.      Active learning

Students can observe how the world works in real life situations adding depth to curriculum based learning and making difficult concepts easier to understand.

The multisensory nature of fieldwork accommodates many different learning styles and brings the subject to life so that students are more engaged in the learning process and motivated to learn.


5.      Holistic benefits

Outdoor learning will help to develop essential life skills as students are encouraged to work together, share ideas and listen to the opinions of others.

They’ll take responsibility for themselves, make decisions about their own wellbeing, growing in confidence and self-belief as they try new things.

“Visiting Iceland gave me a new perspective into physical geography. You can watch the videos or read textbooks about how certain landscapes are created, but to see these things first-hand gives you both a deeper understanding and insight into the sheer scale of these features.”

Have you been inspired?

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