Witness Iceland’s wonders for yourself

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Turn back the clock to February last year and 40 eager students from Bury Church of England High School were full of excitement and anticipation, about to embark on their adventure of a lifetime to the ‘land of fire and ice’.

Each year, thousands of budding geographers make their way to the remote Arctic edge of Europe with Rayburn Tours to experience its wild natural wonders and unpolluted landscapes. Bury C of E’s trip would be particularly special though, with members of the Rayburn Tours’ team and a film crew from Derby University in tow to capture the group’s time in Iceland and share it with others.

Follow Bury C of E’s trip of a lifetime to Iceland with Rayburn Tours:

A once-in-a-lifetime experience

From the outset, Head of Geography at Bury C of E, Mr Hanson, was certain Iceland was the perfect place to give pupils first-hand experience of geography and excite them about the subject: “Getting them outside and into the big wider world, they won’t forget it. But going somewhere like Iceland takes it that one step further.” Mr Hanson was committed to giving his students a “once in a lifetime experience” and that is precisely what they would get.

Overawed by Iceland’s wonders
Black Pebble Beach

With tremendous volcanoes, thundering icy waterfalls, erupting geysers, dramatic coastlines, steaming fumeroles and bubbling geothermal pools, the students were spoilt by Iceland’s wonders. The teenagers were clearly overawed by these sights, sounds and smells and all keen to learn about the geographical theory behind it from their Field Study Tutor, Cath.


Every visitor to Iceland hopes to catch a glimpse of the vibrant dancing displays of the illusive Aurora Borealis and Bury C of E students were not left disappointed. From their accommodation in the Icelandic countryside, they were able to witness the Northern Lights’ green hues in their full glory; a remarkable experience making the trip all the more memorable.

Northern Lights 2

‘Real life’ geography

The learning benefits of the trip were obvious to both students and staff of Bury C of E. One student articulated it perfectly, explaining how the trip had helped to put “real life examples” into his mind: “In the textbook it’s just a little diagram. This is real life so you imagine it much better.”


Mr Hanson and his colleagues were evidently delighted by how much the students had gained from the trip: “They’ve seen so much and done so much and I think they’re learning loads.” More importantly, the experiences gained will have long-lasting impacts on the students, helping to make ”the outside world relevant to their lives”.


One of the students sums up the trip with such emotion, saying: “The experience, it’s one in a lifetime. It’s absolutely amazing.” We couldn’t agree more!

You‘ve seen the video, now experience it for yourself!

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