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Haut-Lac Iceland Trip – Day 1 – Golden Circle

Oct 06, 2016

Dear Viewers,

Today we visited Thingvellir National Park in southern Iceland. This symbolic place of Iceland is a UNESCO world heritage site. From here we could see the Eurosian and North American tectonic plates, that split 2 cm every year.

Following this we were fortunate enough to observe Geysirs in Geysir, where all the students experienced the splashes and sulphuric fumes.

Next we visited Gullfoss where we saw the most spectacular waterfalls and took many photos.

Finally we went to see the six thousand year old Kerid crater, which awed us all by its sheer size. So far we have had a fantastic time under the Icelandic sun, and fingers crossed we see the renowned Northern Lights tonight.


Alex PB