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Getting from A to B

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

It was time to say goodbye to Madrid, but not to Spain entirely. My next stop was Salamanca!

Now how best to get there? It is 110 miles as the crow flies (or Distancia a vuelo de pájaro in Spanish) between the two cities and I decided to catch the bus to Salamanca. As always I am impressed with the efficiency of the bus network in Spain, especially as you would think that a country known for its mañana mentality would have useless public transport. Yet the bus left Madrid at 13.30hrs as advertised and we arrived at Salamanca bust station at 16.25hrs – 5 minutes earlier than scheduled.

Next thing on my list was finding my accommodation and with a map on my mobile phone (how did I manage without this option on my Erasmus year?) I was off dragging my suitcase behind me. Luckily I was only about a 15 minute walk away from the residence I was staying in.

I couldn’t wait to get out and explore Salamanca, so as soon as I was settled in it was back out again to see what this university city has to offer. For a Sunday evening it was quite busy and the central streets were thronged with tourists, students and families all out enjoying the balmy evening and sociable atmosphere. It was like I was a student again and once or twice I was mistaken for a student, when people passing out flyers for student nights and offers, gave me one.

Salamanca is a beautiful city and the buildings are amazing. The Plaza Mayor looked stunning all lit up and all looked very grand whilst the floodlit cathedrals striking against the dark sky.

Let’s see what this city has to offer in the daylight tomorrow. Roll on day 4…

Salamanca 2