From the Big Apple to the country’s political powerhouse

Last updated: May 2nd, 2023

Incredible… the one word that sums up our trip to the USA!

Our exciting journey all began in the famous Big Apple. New York is visually stunning, defined by the people and the buildings. People here are so full of energy and constantly on the go – it must be because of all the fantastic coffee New York has to offer! There’s so much to see and experience, so much so that if you spent a whole month here, there’d still be more to see.

We experienced many of the iconic sites of the Big Apple; the colossal sculpture of The Statue of Liberty, discovering fascinating history at Ellis Island, finding out about Manhattan’s Lower East Side at the brilliant Tenement Museum, and my personal favourite, seeing the glorious views of the city from Top of The Rock.

When visiting all of these mesmerising locations, it felt slightly overwhelming, as though we’d been here before. Most likely because of the hundreds of blockbuster films we’d seen! New York is packed with diversity, culture, education and tourist attractions… boring moments do not exist in this vibrant city.

From New York’s mile high sky scrapers, we headed to Washington D.C.’s sky scorers. I must say, Washington was even better than I expected, the ideal place to visit after New York as the Big Apple is very lively, whereas Washington D.C. is all about serenity.

As soon as we arrived we could already see the Capitol, and soon realised what an authoritative and important state Washington is. The open-top bus tour was wonderful! Washington is full of history, shown by many of its world-renowned sites.

The Smithsonian museums were the highlight of our trip. They open your eyes to the all of the history and famous icons who come from the USA, for instance Michael Jackson’s original outfits are kept here at the Smithsonian’s latest addition, the African American Museum! And it gets even better… the museums are completely free.

Another fantastic site of Washington is the Lincoln memorial reflection pool – it really gives you the opportunity to take a moment and reflect on what the United States are all about.

Our adventure finished on a real high. We were sat on a bench at the entrance to the White House, appreciating the beautiful architecture, when we suddenly recognised that orange hair sailing past in his entourage. We had the once in a life time opportunity of seeing Donald Trump himself.

In a nutshell, New York and Washington D.C. are such a great combination for gaining a broad knowledge of the diversity and vibrancy that the USA offers.

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