A split photo of Broadway in New York on the left and Capitol Hill in Washington DC on the right.

Step into the American Story with Washington DC & New York

Let your students experience an immersive experience in these two iconic cities.

My family’s history living in Poland

Natalia Krzeslowska Educational School Trips Organiser, Rayburn Tours I feel both emotional and proud re-telling the stories of my family’s past. My grandmother grew up in central Poland, in the...

Why every young person should visit Auschwitz as part of their secondary school education.

For me, venturing over to Poland for the first time with 40 students from Stockport Grammar School, joining them for their History School Trip, was a life-changing experience full of reflection, that...
School group pose for a photo in front of a Christmas Tree in Krakow market square.

Top things to do on a school trip to Krakow…

Opening the doors to Kraków… In December 2023 the marketing team at Rayburn were welcomed by Stockport Grammar School to join their 4-day tour to Kraków. Our role was to piggyback their trip,...

Visiting Auschwitz: A Journey of Reflection

For us, history is so much more than a school subject – it’s ingrained in our very being, through our experiences, our interests and our connections. Members of our team have grown up in some of...

The FULL History Educational Experience: With Upton Court Grammar School

History is the past, present and future – it’s quite simply everything! The future plays on our mind. The present unfolds before our very eyes. And the complex layers of the past unravel through...

Beyond the Classroom: Upton Court Grammar School’s Take On History Tour Benefits

Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to regularly work with some incredible schools, and Upton Court Grammar School are one of them! They have been taking annual Year 11 history trips to...

Journey Through Time at The DDR Museum: A Must for Your Berlin Itinerary!

A history trip to Berlin effortlessly contrasts a captivatingly complex historical past with an electric modern-day urban energy. From the collection of unique murals detailed on the Berlin Wall...
History Tour Guide engages students on a battlefield tour

Helpful & Practical Clothing Tips for Your Students on their First-Time Battlefield Tour

Get your students ready for your upcoming battlefields tour with this easy read handbook on which clothes to take!
History Tour Guides Trevor Booker and Tony Smith stand either side of Nicola Astle, Rayburn Tours Marketing Manager, and pose for the camera

2 Brilliant Experts Help Us Enhance Your History Tour Even More!

We're not standing still when it comes to refining your trip even more. And with these two History Tour Guides we've hit the jackpot!

Busting the History is ‘Old News’ Myth

History is often mislabelled as a duller subject, or ‘old news’. But history’s relevancy has never been greater, and goes far beyond just names, dates, facts and figures… It’s time to...
Nicky Astle, Rayburn Tours Marketing Manager, sits with History Tour Guides Trevor Booker and Tony Smith before a historic podcast

A Historic Podcast with 2 Excellent History Tour Guides!

It's here! Our FIRST ever podcast. And we made it even more historic by chatting to 2 brilliant History Tour Guides about all things history.