FlyOver Iceland: the newest, most exhilarating gateway into Iceland’s unknown

Last updated: Sep 16th, 2019

We’re incredibly excited to announce that we’re now offering FlyOver Iceland – an exciting new excursion – within our trips to the Land of Fire and Ice!

A vision that was years in the making, Pursuit Collection has now delivered the ultimate flying experience within the heart of Reykjavík. The goal was to make Iceland explorable to the masses. And with few major road links, large portions of the island have been inaccessible to both tourists and Icelanders themselves… until now.


“I can tell you, nobody has seen Iceland like this before.”

Agnes Gunnardottir, General Manager at FlyOver Iceland

The vision

Pursuit Collection set out with the aim to bring Iceland’s most remote beauty to the capital city of Reykjavík – a luxury that’s simply not achievable to most. They hit the ground running, starting development in 2018.

Construction of the FlyOver centre took place near the harbour in the Grandi neighbourhood, which is fast becoming a hotspot for tourists and locals alike. This was the perfect place for FlyOver to provide a gateway into Iceland’s unknown, all from the comfort of a historic and trendy environment.

Not only will it provide a unique and desirable experience, but it hopes to become a landmark for the city, both outside and in.


So what’s the actual experience?

Essentially, you hang suspended with your feet dangling in front of a 20-metre spherical screen, while the film footage takes you on an exhilarating and unforgettable journey across Iceland! Incredible film footage and special effects combine with the ride’s dynamic movement to create an experience that’s entirely unique.

Before the flight-ride experience, the pre-ride show explores how nature and time have influenced the island. Covering volcanoes and glaciers as well as Vikings and trolls, this is a powerful introduction into a truly mesmerising experience.


“I have lived here most of my life, and I have travelled quite a bit, but I don’t think I have been to any of the places that I have seen in the shots.”

Kjartan Holm, Composer at FlyOver Iceland


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