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Last updated: Oct 27th, 2020

Whilst all of our tours are created to work as independently-led trips, there’s the option of having a member of our team accompany you on tour. Whether it’s a Tour Manager, Geography Field Study Tutor or History Tour Guide, they can all offer a helping hand when you’re away.

Providing you with extra reassurance and support to help your trip run smoothly, a Tour Manager or specialist guide will allow both you and your students to make the very most of your experience. They will assist with the practical and logistical arrangements on tour. In essence, they are there to make your life that little bit simpler.

A Tour Manager will:
  • Accompany your group for the length of your stay
  • Be familiar with your destination to help with logistical arrangements while you are away
  • Liaise with suppliers so you can concentrate on your pupils
  • Manage times and itineraries to ensure that everything runs smoothly
  • Where possible, speak the language in your destination

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What are Field Study Tutors & History Tour Guides?


Field Study Tutors

Field Study Tutors are our unique geography experts that are available in all of our geography trip destinations. In addition to supporting you with the practical and logistical arrangements, they will use their specialist knowledge to really bring the subject to life and tailor their teaching to your group.

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History Tour Guides

Exclusive to our history trips, our History Tour Guides will have extensive knowledge of your destination, sites and period of history, meaning they can help bring past events to life. They’ll understand the educational and social needs of your group, helping to take the pressure off you and get the most out of your tour.

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What’s a Ski Rep?

Our friendly, helpful Ski Reps are there to support you whilst out on tour and ensure that you make the most of your time on the slopes! Your Rayburn Tours Ski Rep will be solely dedicated to your group, so you can rest assured that you’ll be well looked after.

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Having one of our team accompany you on tour is an option for all groups, regardless of where you are based. But we realise for international schools who are often travelling even further from home, having a Rayburn Tours representative with them provides even more peace of mind.

Whilst having one of our team accompany you on tour is an option for every group – regardless of where you are based – we know it can provide even more peace of mind for international schools who are often travelling even further from home.

“Our Tour Manager absolutely made the trip. He was reliable, detail-orientated and he went above and beyond. He was an integral part of the success of the tour.”

Shanghai United International School

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