Our first in a series of one to one interviews – Perlan Museum Iceland!

Last updated: May 10th, 2021

Over the coming weeks/months we’ll be publishing a series of interviews with our partners and representatives from educational visits located around the world, exploring these experiences and the benefits of integrating them into an educational tour itinerary.

This week saw our first one to one interview take place with Eva Bjornsdottir from The Perlan Museum in Iceland and it didn’t disappoint! Providing us with a behind the scenes account of the impact the experience has on students, it comes as no surprise that the exhibit continues to win awards as it engages and educates students in the wonders of Iceland.

Eva talked passionately about how important a student’s senses are when exploring the various areas of the Perlan. “When you can see, when you can hear, touch and smell you see the students gaining a deeper understanding of the geology and the unique nature of the wonders of Iceland.”

It was apparent very early on in our conversations that the experience played a vital part in bringing the pages of the text book to life for students! Her passion to engage students in the geology of Iceland is combined with an equally fierce desire to ensure students are aware that we all need to protect the nature of Iceland, “We want them to leave with that message in their hearts. We want them to leave their footprints here and not their trash!” An essential message that will help protect the natural beauty of Iceland long into the future.

I explored what she felt she saw through the eyes of students when they visit. “When they visit, all their senses come into play and they are learning at a deeper level. It raises more questions for them and questions are vital to their learning experience. Having gathered their answers it can lead to them wanting to learn more when they return home. For example they may want to understand more about geothermal energy, volcanoes or why earthquakes are happening quite a lot in Iceland. They can use all the information they have gathered in Iceland to advance their learning when they return home.”

All Eva’s answers to my questions clearly illustrated why factoring the Perlan experience into an educational tour itinerary to Iceland is highly recommend for schools. As it’s based in Reykjavik it’s also a great first stop on your itinerary where students can learn more about the various elements of Iceland in readiness for their subsequent schedule of visits.

Huge thanks go to Eva from the Perlan Museum for taking her time to share such engaging and informative content – we can’t wait to send more groups out you! Thanks also for sending over some professional footage of your visit for us to share – it will be great for teachers to show students what fantastic adventures they have planned for them while in Iceland!

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