The Benefits of School Trips

Last updated: Jan 20th, 2022

The Benefits of School Trips


Schools play an essential role in supporting young people’s mental health and development into young adults. We believe that fun, enriching, educational school trips can go a long way to healing past wounds and creating unforgettable experiences and memories.


There is no denying that the past couple of years has affected our young people’s confidence, education, and social learning with “74% of teachers and school staff agreed that schools being closed to most students over the period of lockdown has had a negative impact on the mental health of young people.”

YoungMinds survey, June 2020


The benefits of school trips to self-development, social bonds, pastoral bonds and many other aspects far outweigh any current risks associated with travel.


Benefits of School Trips for Students


Engage those who struggle in the classroom environment

Everyone learns in their own way. Even the most difficult to motivate students who often struggle in a classroom environment is in their element outdoors. Bringing them into a more interactive setting is an excellent way to get them back into the fold and engaged.


Personal Development

School trips make an incredible contribution to the acquisition of knowledge and the development of fundamental skills. Studying the man-made and natural world, the past and present, science and arts, music and language can all be enhanced by the interactive setting outside the classroom. In addition, adventure and sports activity teaches skill and can form the foundation of life-long hobbies and interests, improving physical and mental well-being.


Build Stronger Teacher-Student Relationships

Getting to know your students on a school trip is an excellent way to build a solid and lasting rapport that will benefit both parties for the rest of the teaching year and beyond. It’s no surprise that students who have a positive and constructive relationship with their teachers are more likely to do well at school. Likewise, teachers who strive to build such rapport and relationships profoundly affect their students’ lives.


Build Confidence

For many of your students, an international or even UK school trip will be the first time they have been away without their parents or guardian. Providing a safe and exciting place for your students to step out of their comfort zone and try new things (big or small) will challenge their own beliefs, who they are, and what they feel they’re capable of.


Improve Critical Thinking Skills

The analysis of facts to form a judgement. Critical thinking has become an essential skill many employers look for in prospective employees in today’s job market. Allowing your students to be active learners rather than passive improve their ability to reason. Travel exposes students to real-life questions, issues, and scenarios where they will have the chance to form their own judgment and practice this skill.


Create Lifelong Memories

You can gift your students’ lifelong memories from the opportunities and experiences that will take place on a school trip. In addition, a specific trip or destination may inspire your students to revisit in the future and consider a career path they hadn’t previously thought of.


Benefits of School Trips for Teachers


  • Build lasting relationships with your students, which will improve classroom learning.
  • Identify staff strengths and particular skills that have never been evident within the confines of the school or classroom environment.
  • Enhance your classroom work with real-world illustration, giving a unique perspective on your curriculum.


Benefits of School Trips for Schools


  • Great content to share with parents and prospective students, creating an attractive learning opportunity.
  • Improved confidence and engagement with a renewed sense of community and involvement across the school.
  • Raise aspirations and show students a new way of thinking, giving them new considerations, career choices and more.


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