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The Top Benefits of an Easter Ski Trip

Mar 04, 2022

Easter ski trip & February half-term demand is higher than ever


Availability for our 2023 Ski trips during the February half term is already seeing unprecedented demand, that’s why you should consider an Easter ski trip for 2023 which we here at Rayburn are massive fans of.

Whatever route you decide to go down, you should get in touch today to discuss options and secure your place at some of the best high-altitude destinations we have on offer.




Keep reading to see why an Easter ski trip in 2023 is a great alternative to a February half-term trip!

Why Easter?

The benefits of skiing at Easter are a no brainer. The weather is usually warmer, the sun is brighter, and the days are longer – making for a perfect day on the slopes. The previous month’s snowfall is often complimented by snowmaking facilities, making for better snow conditions. Easter isn’t a peak period and prices on average are a lot more competitive. You may even find that some resorts’ lift pass prices are even reduced, so if your group is looking for a cost-effective option, Easter is the time for you.


Skiing in the sunshine

You don’t naturally associate skiing with warmer weather, sunshine, and blue skies but choosing to head out in Easter means you can cut out the blistering cold and have a pleasantly warm skiing experience! This is a major benefit to novice or beginner skiers who will be taking part in lessons often standing still for longer periods of time and listening to instruction, instead of freezing in their boots they will have a much more bearable experience. Check out our latest ski list update on the important gear and clothes to take on your next trip!


More affordable prices

It’s not only warmer but it will most definitely be more affordable especially if you decide to jet off on the second week of the Easter holidays as there is less demand for accommodation and flights. Avoiding the busiest periods in the skiing calendar like the February half term can save you money on not only flights but accommodation too. You’ll also find most resorts have reduced prices and deals on lift passes.


Still plenty of snow

People often cite the lack of snow late in the season, but that’s not the case if you know where to go, luckily our Easter ski trips feature high altitude resorts which is the secret to getting the best snow. Aim high: the higher the resort, the snowier it is, which means the snow has a lower risk of melting. It also helps if you’re near a glacier or have north-facing hills.


Take it slow

Visiting the slopes when it’s not completely crammed with people is a wildly different experience. Skiing is all about taking your time and doing your own thing, whether it’s going off-piste at a fast pace or taking a leisurely cross-country ski to soak in the landscape. Unfortunately, you don’t always have this freedom when the slopes are busy since crowds dictate when and where you spend your time.


What we’ve learned

  • Lifts are often quieter, so less time queuing, more time skiing.
  • With fewer people on the slopes, they will be safer.
  • It will most definitely be cheaper.
  • You’ll enjoy sunnier, warmer, and longer blue sky days.
  • Enjoy the slopes and scenery at your own pace.


Our Top Easter Ski Destinations

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