Things you may not know, but need to know about a concert tour!

Last updated: Sep 26th, 2022


Eleanor Harvey, Senior Concert Tour Consultant

Don’t set your heart on a tour destination before talking to us!

Our concert tours team are hugely experienced, many having over 10 years’ experience of working for us, creating unbelievable concert tours for our groups! Trust they’ll use their extensive knowledge and experience to recommend a destination that works perfectly, based on your ensemble type, repertoire style and tour objectives.

We’ll pair you with the right venues and get them booked

We’ve been working with our vast portfolio of varied venue partners for years. We’ll ensure the space and facilities are spot on, acoustics are just right, and everything is set up ready for your audience to enjoy the show. Whether it’s 1,2 or 3 performances you give on tour, we’ll ensure they slot perfectly into your tailored itinerary.

Don’t just think churches – there are so many different places where groups can perform!

Open air bandstands, bustling market squares, busy visitor attractions, churches and cathedrals, quirky one offs, and even areas ideal for a flash mob moment, we have hundreds of venues that are perfect for all repertoire styles!

We publicise your concerts to attract an audience

Oh yes, we do! Posters distributed, flyers in the local area and the support of the local tourist boards. Trust we’ll do everything we can to gather you an appreciative audience!

We don’t sell tickets for your concerts…

All concerts we arrange are free of charge to the public and therefore groups are not able to make money from them. We appreciate many amateur groups can do so in this country, but it isn’t the done thing when touring abroad.

A tour provides performers with an experience similar to that of a gigging musician

You perform, gather to analyse how things went, eat together and celebrate, sleep on it, spend a little more time reflecting, agree how to improve, shake yourself off and then you go again! It’s an amazing opportunity for any member of a youth or adult ensemble!

An inspection trip is perfect for those with exacting performance requirements…

Want to check out the tour prior to travelling with your group? An inspection trip allows one or two of your ensemble leaders to visit the location, assess recommended venues and acoustics, check out the hotel and familiarise themselves with the perfect excursions to include on tour.

Coach journeys can be long, but they have their benefits!

Don’t be put off by long coach journeys. They’re definitely more cost effective, especially if you’re able to a fill a coach! We recommend bringing along more helpers and supporters to help you get your numbers up. Instruments are transported with you, you keep everyone safely together for your journey (particularly relevant for youth groups), and you have buckets of time to bond, plan and to get to know each other more!

Feeling educated?

Feeling like it’s time to plan and get things under way for your ensemble? Just call us and one of our experienced concert tours team members will be on hand to guide you every step of the way…

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