Making The Most Of Our Beautiful UK Cities

Last updated: May 5th, 2023

Great news travels fast at our Rayburn offices, and we just can’t seem to shake the excitement of Got to Sing’s recent Adult Music Concert Tour to London! This past week has been packed with incredible performance footage and stories that truly capture what music tours are all about – the connection, passion, creativity, the fun, humour, and post-performance adrenaline.

We think it’s only fair we share a few of their unforgettable trip highlights…

Covent Garden Square

Spectacular, absolutely spectacular! Got To Sing truly lifted the lid in London!

Lucky enough to be part of the electric crowd, we videoed just about everything we could (you’ll have to excuse our less tuneful singing along in the background). Extra footage is dotted all over our Facebook and Instagram feeds if you’re interested.

Spitalfields Arts Markets

Flashmob + bustling location = incredible brand awareness!


Actors Church, Covent Garden

Making the most of the venue, they performed both inside and outside the church, and the atmosphere was surreal! London is just great for accommodating all tastes and requirements and we couldn’t have found a better venue to suit their repertoire!


Camden Market, Hawley Wharf

Some spaces just naturally lend themselves as the perfect stage!



The best thing about London streets and our capital cities, is that they provide you with a ready-made audience. A couple of curious individuals stop in their tracks and before you know it, whole crowds have you surrounded! As with all our concert trips, we also work with tourist boards, venues, and online outlets to publicise concerts on your group’s behalf, as well as create and distribute eye-catching leaflets and posters to help gather an audience.

The Got to Sing adult concert tour is a perfect example of what talent, when paired with the right location and industry expertise, can achieve. We can’t wait to see what they do next!


A new world for performers

Words cannot describe the electric atmosphere that UK cities like London hold for performers and audiences. An experience like no other, it requires you to either be giving it your all on stage or soaking up the energy in the crowd! Whether it be in the middle of Covent Garden square or one of the greatest celebrations of art and culture like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the possibilities and rewards are endless!



Don’t miss out!

With Summer fast approaching (some sun, finally!), that feel good feeling has everyone considering their future trip opportunities. Great weather and great music are a guaranteed mood booster!

Tours that are close enough to reach yet far enough to feel like you’ve been away are in such high demand for a reason. And so we recommend planning ahead to secure the best performance spaces for your group in 2024/2025.

If you fancy exploring your options, our team are ready when you are.

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