The Combined Creative: 9 Brilliant Reasons for Musical Collaboration

Last updated: Jan 25th, 2024

Ready to unleash your creativity? There’s only one thing for it: musical collaboration with another group!

And we’ve put together 9 massive reasons why sitting down with another ensemble is really the only way you’d want to go.

So kick back, noodle with that guitar and read on.

Build Your Social & Musical Circles

Deeper connections, deeper bonds, right?

Combining your group’s powers with another opens up incredible networking opportunities that will see you interacting with musicians outside your usual circle. There’ll be electric new musical partnerships, exciting tonal collaborations and the chance to appreciate the skills of other players.

That’s just the start though! You’ll likely bond with them when all the notes are quiet. After all, you all share a love of music.

A crisp glass of champagne, a friendly beer or a charming meal in bustling socials gives you the chance to deepen those new-found connections.

And when crafting your tour from the ground up, it goes without saying we’ll make time for those exciting spaces for you to deepen your social relationship with your new musical partners.


Choir members chat in the middle of their smiling group


Share Expertise & Learn from Other Musicians

What do you think to:

  • Discovering new ways of performing
  • Creative growth
  • Gathering helpful feedback
  • Increased musical output
  • And the all-important creative problem-solving?

When with other musical creatives, your classical ensemble might join forces with a jazz collective, forging new, exciting sounds.

And when developing new sounds, it’s inevitable you’ll grow creatively and skyrocket your musical output. But if you miss a note, play off-key or simply explore another sonic avenue, they’ll be loads of constructive feedback to improve your performance.

Arguably the most exciting one (it was hard to pick one, really) is your journey through, around or over creative blocks.

Should that be coming together to chat, experimenting with progressions, scales or modes, changing your creative environment or understanding your end goal so you can work backwards – the possibilities are just as much endless as they are exciting.


Reduce Travel Costs

Speaking of changing your creative environment…

Sometimes being stuck in the same practise space can dampen your creative spark – so performing and collaborating somewhere new can open up exciting possibilities.

So if you decide to tour with your new combined group to explore fresh places to boost your creativity – your trip costs will likely be reduced as well.

Going with increased numbers means more people might bring down the overall cost – and there’s so many ones to pick from!

If you’re thinking of packing your bags, fine-tuning your instruments and boosting your repertoire, check out some of our music friendly places right here.


Three musicians, one with a violin, listen to an audience member


Boost Your Playing Time

More people. More chances to practise!

How often have you been unable to practise, or at least fulfil the potential of the session, because your group are unable to make it or only a few turn up?

It seems obvious on the face of it, but combining your band with another ensemble, choir or band brings untold opportunities to boost your playing time.

And if you join forces with another ensemble, you can plan a fulfilling journey pre-tour to add more playing time to your calendar.


Skyrocket Your Productivity

With your increased practise and the chance to bounce musical ideas back and forth with your new collaborators – you’ll increase your productivity too!

Think about it, they’ll be a bucket-load of musicians and singers and even more times to play where you can further your music production goals.

Touring can also give you a handful of times to perform in spaces perfect for adding to your productivity. Plus, you might even get the off the cuff moments for flash mobs, or impromptu performances, in places specifically chosen to increase your chance of an appreciative audience.


A choir, all dressed in black with a white logo on their clothing, practise with their choral director in a church


Branch into Different Genres & Create New Sounds

Combining your creatives with other musical creators doesn’t mean your genres must align.

Your preferred type of music might be the classical world, where your new, exciting partners are ingrained in the language of jazz. Or you might be a marching band playing awesome rock tunes and strike the musical match with a pop influenced choir.

Whichever it is, being in the same space as others who play different tunes, in different techniques, with possibly different instruments, only enhances your skillset.

And that’s just the start, as bringing together your complementary genres might create bold new tunes or totally unique, original sounds.

The possibilities are pretty much endless.

Collaborate with Similar Groups for an Equally Appreciative Fanbase!

But you don’t have to explore new soundscapes, as collaborating with similar groups who play similar sounds means you might reach a new but equally appreciative audience.

You’ll bond over the type of music you play whilst on your cheeky socials, but also benefit from their ready-made listeners as your music is what their fans know and love!

It’s a win-win really.



Feel Your Confidence Soar

Press pause for a second because this is one of our favourite reasons for combining your musicians with another ensemble.

When playing with the same group, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut, but playing with new musicians makes it easy to build your confidence as peer appreciation from fresh sources can be the ultimate belief booster.

You’ll still get that reassurance from your group, but those building blocks of self-esteem will tower even higher due to heaps of good feedback and positive praise.


Enjoy Laughs, Socials and All the Fun!

And what’s one of the cornerstones of making sure new relationships bloom?

You guessed it: it’s fun, it’s laughter and it’s certainly heaps and heaps of enjoyment.

Not only will you get those golden moments to forge exciting new social and musical friendships, but touring highlights and sharpens your desire to craft amazing times.

Which is where we can finely tune your itinerary to maximise performance times and social ones to include indispensable chances to brilliant new relationships.


Where Will Your Next Collaboration Take You?

There you go – a fantastic array of plus points for partnering with other musicians.

If you’re thinking of branching out to build those new relationships why not have a goal in mind, like a concert tour?

We can help you prepare, offer actionable tips and craft your music trip from the ground up so it includes your current members and your new music friends.

And we’re only a short button click away (and we can’t wait to plan those socials too!)

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