Gathering an Audience: Awesome Tips on Hitting the Right Note

Last updated: Jul 4th, 2023

Music audiences – whether you’re a brass band, choir, orchestra or another ensemble variation – they’re a huge part of your performance.

So how do you gather them and keep them engaged?

Discover those sweet kernels of truth below.

Give Them the Repertoire They Want

Whether you’re a classical ensemble, a sacred choir or a brass band numbering in the 30s – audiences are attracted to songs and set lists they know and love.

After all, they’re here to listen to sounds that give them the good vibes and unforgettable memories.

Which is why we’ve classified our performance venues into repertoire categories. Giving you an even bigger shot of giving your crowd those stand-out stories.

Perform When and Where You Can!

Captivate your audience with a steady stream of online, recorded or live performances – all improve your chances of boosting that buzz around your music group.

Be open to sharing your performance with other ensembles too, as they might bring an unknown audience who engages with your music.

Planning performances in general can be an uphill task, so we remove that obstacle for you on our tours. We plan performances in awesome spaces that work for you and are known to encourage audience numbers (winner!).

Craft Your Social Identity

Get on the socials is a rallying cry heard in marketing teams up and down the land – and for good reason!

Attracting an audience to your gigs, concerts or even street performances are boosted by marketing you and your music group.

But you don’t need a degree in communications or marketing to do that – just boost your social media presence. Social media plus a resolute approach to creating your ensembles social identity equals an improved chance of people attending your performances.

Here’s some of those plus points:

  • Builds trust with your community
  • Chance to release tour & performance dates
  • Use it to give out content like videos, tunes
  • An easy place for people to get to know you
  • Create your ensembles identity

Guess who loves the socials too? That’s right, if we’re lucky enough to travel with you and receive permission, we can publicise your performances on our social media accounts.

Watch your likes, reach and gushing comments soar!

Engage Your Community

Chat with your community online or talk with them before, during and after performances.

Building relationships is huge in crafting your following and attracting an audience to your performances. Get your personality across in reliable, safe and attractive communication, and you’re taking a huge step to creating a consistent following.

And that leads us on to our next tip…

Be a Great Communicator

Tell people about your group and your performances and tell them regularly and clearly. Audiences can’t attend your performances if they don’t know they exist (or if they do, they don’t know the details).

Master the art of consistently letting them know, either through social media, local media or even handing out leaflets in the street up to your performance and watch your numbers rise.

And pre-tour, we speak to local tourist boards and design leaflets to help boost your audience numbers whilst on your music trip.

It means you can focus on your unforgettable performances. Speaking of which…


Audience members dance, clap and record as they enjoy an outside performance

Create Unforgettable Live Experiences

Capture the hearts and minds of your audience by creating stand-out music performances. Be that with a rocking setlist, cohesive group attire, or an unforgettable venue, you’ll increase your music group’s chance of audience retention if you’re memorable.

We take our own advice too!

Our tours include performance spaces well-trod by the most amount of people or well known to make it easily accessible for them to see you. Which gives you a prime musical foundation for creating an unforgettable experience.

Lights. Camera. Perform!

Musical Audience Attained – What Next?

And there you go! Some brilliant tried and tested steps to gathering your audience.

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