Tips from Our Marketing Team – How to Upgrade Your Music Group’s Online Presence

Last updated: Jul 21st, 2023

How do you effectively promote your music group online? It’s a mountain of a question, so we sat down with our Marketing team to get some stand-out tips to help you carve a space on the digital landscape.

Their advice is below.

Engage Your Audience on Social Media

Profile picture of Georgina Martin, Marketing Executive at Rayburn Tours

Georgina Martin – Marketing Executive:


‘Social media is your best friend when it comes to promoting your music group. It’s all about marketing yourself in a way that engages your audience and allows them to resonate with what you’re sharing.’


Your social media presence is huge in so many ways. 

It’s the perfect platform to promote your ensemble as it allows you to show your personality, performance dates, your groups awesome recorded or live experiences and so much more. 

Social media is also free and easily accessible for both you and your audience. And you can also link to your own website too (more on that later). 

So it’s likely that when people want to be transported back to your music, they’ll use social media to find you. 

Release Musical Content

Profile of Mitchell Wood, Content Creator in the Marketing Team at Rayburn Tours

Mitchell Wood – Content Creator:


‘Releasing content like videos and new music on your ensemble’s webpage or social media is super effective in engaging your following. Not only that, it gives you the chance of reaching an even wider audience too!’


If social media is the platform for you to shout from. Then content is ‘what’ you’re shouting about. In this case it’s all the musical content your group produces – and even non-musical content too!

Content like:

  • Videos of your performances
  • Soundbites of your old and new repertoire
  • And any personal post showcasing your groups personality

By no means an exhaustive list, producing those types of content on your social media or website boosts your online presence because it gives your audience something tangible to experience.

It also reminds them of your ensemble’s awesome music. Giving them a reason to keep coming back for more.

Keep Your Social Media Design on Brand

Profile of Matthew MacPherson, Graphic Designer in the Marketing team at Rayburn Tours

Matthew MacPherson – Graphic Designer:


‘Keep your social posts on brand. Use strong brand colours, fonts, and styles to make your feed more easily identifiable by your followers and those just out of that reach.

You only have to look to some of the bigger social channels to see this in effect.’


We can’t understate the power of social media when it comes to promoting your ensemble. So much so, we’ve included two points around that platform.

Whereas the first focused on engaging your audience with the power of whichever social media you use, this expert tip from one member of our Design Team shows that to improve your online audience – you need to be consistent with your ensemble’s branding too!

If your colour scheme includes blues, whites and a darker blue (much like the Rayburn colour palette) – then include those hues in your social media brand design.

Why? Because colour is huge in yours and your audience’s instant recognition – which can feed into your digital promotion as well as reminding people of your ensemble through the power of colour. And if you’re looking for a useful tool, Canva is a great starting point.

Build Your Music Group’s Website

Profile of Sean Holmes, Senior Graphic Designer in the Marketing team at Rayburn Tours

Sean Holmes – Senior Graphic Designer:


‘Have your own website!

It’s a key marketing tool to keep your audience up to date. There are plenty of free resources out there to help, such as Elementor or Wix. Both are website builders with plenty of themes, templates and tutorial videos to help you customise your site for your ensemble.

And remember to KEEP IT SIMPLE and create a website that grows with you.’


When listeners want to reengage with your music group, or new audience members want to explore your repertoire, they’ll need a digital base to visit. And your website is that touchpoint.

It allows you to create your ensemble’s identity, include performance & tour dates and showcase video, sound and other forms of content. But as Sean advises, if website building isn’t your forte – don’t worry!

There’s plenty of website building sites that do the whole developmental process for you like Elementor or Wix, with a bucket-load of video tutorials ready to help you with the design side.

Market Your Ensemble One Step at a Time

Caroline Cudworth, Assistant Marketing Manager in the Marketing team at Rayburn Tours

Caroline Cudworth – Assistant Marketing Manager:


‘When it comes to increasing your music groups presence online, the opportunities are endless, but don’t feel overwhelmed…

Pick a couple of avenues and roll with them, that way you don’t spread your time to thinly and you can dedicate yourself to it and learn along the way. Naturally things will grow and you can take the next step when you’re ready!’


Marketing your ensemble and increasing your online presence can – and will – take time. Which, with years of experience doing just that, is why Caroline shares the above tip.

Understand what you can achieve and focus your efforts there. Is it just you building your music groups brand? Do you have a team regularly boosting your online presence? Are you focusing on one social media platform or just your website? Knowing the answer to these questions will be a huge positive step.

Dedicate energy and time to what you can achieve and focus your efforts there rather than spreading yourself too thin.

You’ll see the benefits. Trust us.

Be the Real You & Know Your Audience

Nicola Astle, Marketing Manager of the Marketing team at Rayburn Tours

Nicola Astle – Marketing Manager:


‘Be real and stay true to your personality and values in your marketing messages. Create social posts and website content that will make people pause and smile. When you’ve profiled your perfect audience – talk to them like you would in person.’


Knowing your audience is huge in marketing. If you can’t connect with your target community people won’t see your message as something that changes their world. Which is exactly what you want to do!

Be genuine, be true and be you. And make sure you stick to your personality and values when building your online presence. Talk to them as if you’re an old friend sat across a table. Inject humour, respect, and be as easy to approach as possible. After all, you want to create a relationship built on trust and positivity.

Craft social posts including all your good announcements in a conversational style. Create content that gives back to your audience and what they value and love.

Just have a chat. It will bring heaps of joy for you, your audience and your online presence.

Now to Build Your Online Presence

Use social media, release content, create a colour scheme, build a website, take your time, and know your audience.

All super useful and we hope our Marketing team’s brilliant tips will be as invaluable to you as they have been to Rayburn Tours.

Good luck – you got this!

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