‘We felt like true Edinburgh Fringe performers’ Fab Choir’s Fantastic Festival Adventure!

Last updated: Apr 24th, 2024

We had the most fabulous time chatting with the ladies from the Fab Choir about their recent Edinburgh Fringe experiences – where it was their first tour as a choral contingent!

Fun, vibrant, energetic and colourful, we met up with them whilst in the Scottish capital but took this video chat to really get to grips with every exciting part of their Edinburgh Fringe Festival adventure!

From the reason for them choosing to tour the festival to each choir members experience and what they thought about their performances, the venues and their tour in a nutshell – we had a good old chinwag about all things Fringe and all things choir.

Joined by choir leader Jo and 4 choral members Janet, Mags, Liane and Julie – their lively and down to earth responses are below. Trust, you’ll be smiling from start to finish!


‘Once in a lifetime! I don’t think I’ll surpass this experience!’

Liane, Fab Choir


Fab Choir pose with hands high at Le Monde at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


But first, who are the Fab Choir?

Fun, lively, colourful, vibrant and bringing every last ounce of energy to their performances – the Fab Choir are from Glossop and are a ladies pop choral contingent who come together for the singing, laughter and good times.

It’s informal, great fun, stuffed with great feelings, and has Mags said ‘It’s an outlet. I’ve just retired and when you get to a certain age you need that sort of belonging and the choir is that belonging.’

It’s about having a place to be with your mates, a good old social and a classic feel-good sing-a-along!


‘It’s the best – I just love it!’

Jo, Fab Choir


Fab Choir promotional banner at Le Monde at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Fab Choir’s FIRST ever tour to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

As first tours go – Fab Choir took the festival by the horns and created memories that will stand the test of time!

Edinburgh is bursting with people during Fringe and a good bunch of them were ready to soak up the feel-good, sing-along vibes of the ladies from Glossop.


I’d never been Edinburgh and I was absolutely blown away by it. And the fact it was so well organised by Rayburn, that was the icing on the cake.’

Mags, Fab Choir


And trust us, the venues they picked weren’t your usual places either – with busy, central places primed for a whirlwind of colour, fun and energy – Fab Choir got the audience involved in performance spaces designed for a great social and an unforgettably fun time!

Audience sing and wave hands during Fab Choir's Le Monde performance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Electric Venues & Brilliant Performances!

The range of performance venues Fab Choir picked were relatively new to our offering but perfectly suited to their playful and light-hearted style and repertoire.

They absolutely injected a HUGE dose of zest and life to each of the 3 spaces they played in – the places were bouncing!

St James Quarter had people from all walks of life clapping and dancing – with some audience members crying tears of musical joy!

Brewhemia – ‘It had such an atmosphere – it was brilliant!’

If Fab Choir bring the fun and the energy, then Brewhemia adds a flavouring of 1920’s jazz speakeasy and a big dollop of style. And Fab performed above a bar too with a rocking audience at their front, sides and back – they were completely immersed in a thriving performance space!


It was a Saturday afternoon, people were in full voice, bar staff were going full throttle, and Fab Choir brought a smile and a clap and a good old sing-along to everyone in attendance!

Fab Choir perform above at a bar in Brewhemia at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

‘Le Monde was full!’

You won’t believe the incredible scenes at a bustling and packed out Le Monde! Another bar oozing cool and sophistication, Fab Choir were allocated their own room and completely rocked everyone’s world in a low-lit, atmospheric performance space.


Jo and the Fab Choir asked for different venues but with one similar and defining characteristic – that they’re busy and would be booked out with people.


And each of these venues delivered on every last bit of that remit.

Fab Choir perform at Le Monde in the background with a packed out audience in the foreground.

Incredibly, performances didn’t stop there!


‘One of the best experiences was when we were sat in a bar and gave the place a rendition of ‘Sunshine on Leith’ and the whole bar joined in and we got a big cheer!’

Julie, Fab Choir



Because of Fringe’s electric and happening nature, locals and festival goers alike are constantly looking for the next performance.

And that impromptu, good-spirited personality came to the fore when the girls from Glossop were in a bar in Edinburgh and were asked to give the place an uplifting, upbeat version of ‘Sunshine on Leith’.

They duly obliged, got the whole bar singing, the place was bouncing, and they deservedly got a HUGE cheer when they finished.

As memories go – that’s something else!

Ladies from Fab Choir cheer, with hands high, in Brewhemia during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


And there’s even more to Fab Choir’s First-Class Festival!

Not only did Fab experience all of the above – there was a bucketload of even more memories they talked about too!

So when Jo, Janet, Mags, Liane and Julie were asked about their best moments, there was a flood of smiles and good memories bursting to the surface. Here are some:

✔ Everyone in a packed-out room joining in at Le Monde
✔ the relief of being successful at the end of their tour
✔ the audience reactions, with hugging, dancing, clapping and even crying (classic tears of joy!) happening!
✔ Seeing audience members from all walks of life enjoying their sets
✔ Being together as a choir and going off in little groups to experience the Fringe and joining back up at their performances
✔ Feeling like ‘True Edinburgh Fringe performers!’

Describing the tour in a nutshell, there was a buzz of brilliant answers too! From Mag’s ‘Amazing experience’ to Jo’s ‘It’s just so uplifting and everyone feels so much better’, it was clear to see the Edinburgh Fringe Festival ticked all the choir’s boxes.


‘It was absolutely fabulous’

Janet, Fab Choir


The Largest Performance Arts Festival in the World is waiting!


The ladies from Glossop had such a fantastic time that ‘A revisit to the Fringe is definitely on the cards.’ Which comes as no surprise at all as their heaps of colour, fun, energy and sing-along classics are no doubt always welcome in the city of Edinburgh and the Fringe.

And we enjoyed every single second with the choral contingent, from a rocking Brewhemia to a packed out Le Monde and everything in between, we can’t wait to be a part of their next tour.

And if you and your music group are looking for a good old chinwag about all things Edinburgh Fringe Festival, then call or email us today and we can get the ball rolling.


‘On the way up the noise on the coach was full of chatter, but on the way back it was silent – everyone was shattered. And that’s definitely a sign of a good weekend’

Julie, Fab Choir


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