Adult Group Concert Tours to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Perform at the largest performance arts festival in the world!

Get ready for the experience of a lifetime
Suitable for:
  • Choirs
  • Bands
  • Orchestras

Expect electricity from start to finish in the largest performance arts festival on the entire planet, with the whole city coming alive during August and the Edinburgh Fringe! 

The Royal Mile and surrounding streets are buzzing with street performers, audiences, artists, bars, restaurants, historic landmarks and of course, the brilliant Edinburgh Tattoo. You’ll stay in centrally located accommodation and when not performing in any of a versatile and varied group of venues, every nook and cranny of Scotland’s capital city is bursting with things to see and do, like Holyrood Palace or Calton Hill – the list is endless.  

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is an experience of a lifetime and an event you simply cannot miss, and we can’t wait to get you there. 

If you’re thinking of attending the brilliant and incredible Edinburgh Fringe, now is the time to get in touch with our team of experts so we can tailor-make your tour and create an experience for you that is truly unforgettable. 

  • Royal Mile in Edinburgh Fringe
  • Bagpipers in military band perform at the Edinburgh Tattoo

Excursions in Edinburgh Fringe

Explore the unique and rugged landscapes


Popular places to stay in Edinburgh Fringe

  • A short walk from the city centre
  • Stay in a gorgeous historic building offering plenty of personality!
  • In a relaxed, quiet street
  • En-suite
  • Hairdryers
  • Tea & coffee making facilities
  • Television in room
  • Communal breakfast room, seating area & lounge
  • Experience the thrill of an electric Fringe
  • See historic city landmarks
  • Shop in the city centre for souvenirs
  • Within walking distance of the Old Town and city’s main attractions
  • Under Arthur’s Sea
  • Modern facilities
  • Squash Court hire
  • Wi-Fi
  • Tea & coffee making facilities
  • Laundry facilities
  • Freeview TV
  • Telephone access
  • En-suite
  • Explore the buzz of the city centre at Edinburgh Fringe
  • See the Royal Mile and shop in the Old Town
  • Enjoy sightseeing around the city centre
  • Take it easy in the Common Room
  • Centrally located and within walking distance of main attractions
  • Twin and single bed rooms
  • En-suite facilities
  • Meeting and event facilities
  • Wi-Fi
  • The hotel provides a breakfast buffet and also has a bar lounge
  • Meeting and event facilities
  • Luggage storage
  • Wi-Fi
  • Go shopping and sightseeing in the city centre

Performance Venues in Edinburgh Fringe

Popular concert venues in Edinburgh Fringe

  • Best suited for: Choirs & Bands
  • Repertoire recommended: Mixed repertoire
  • Location: City centre
  • Performance times: Late afternoon or evening

Our customer said

‘The reaction and warmth of our audiences when we sung Leith. Incredible.’

  • Best suited for: Choirs
  • Repertoire recommended: Secular repertoire with variety of music during the Fringe
  • Location: Short walk from city centre
  • Performance times: Morning or afternoon
  • Best suited for: Choirs and Bands
  • Repertoire recommended: Mixed repertoire
  • Location: City centre (outside train station)
  • Performance times: Afternoon pop up performance to promote the Fringe
  • Best suited for: Choirs, Bands and Orchestras
  • Repertoire recommended: A variety of musical genres
  • Location: City centre
  • Performance times: Afternoon or evening

Our customer said

When we were told at 3.55pm at Greyfriars Kirk that it was a sell outWe couldn’t believe it! 

  • Best suited for: Choirs, Bands & Ensembles with up 50 players
  • Repertoire recommended: A variety of musical genres
  • Location: Canongate (centre)
  • Performance times: Afternoon or evening (dependent on day)

Our customer said

The traffic having to be stopped temporarily on the Royal Mile as people were dancing on the street to our singing being piped out of speakers outside the venue to entertain those who couldn’t get in”

Additional Information

There is nothing more rewarding to us than getting your talent noticed! We work with tourist boards, venues, and online outlets to publicise your concerts on your behalf, as well as create and distribute eye-catching leaflets and posters to help gather you an audience. Connect with us on social media and we can help you spread the word!

Whatever your sound and style, we cater for all types of ensembles and offer a host of spectacular performance venues that perfectly match your repertoire.

Your journey doesn’t have to end here! See what else we can offer to help you get the most out of your tour. From instrument hire and transportation to dedicated Tour Managers, we’ll go above and beyond to support you and your group.

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There’s so much more to explore…

What our customers say

It was beyond all our wildest dreams, absolutely fantastic!

Ruth Bowe

Wellingborough Gospel Choir

A packed, exciting, fun and successful few days full on wonderful experiences.

Joanne Griffiths

Fab Choir

Our tour was an excellent opportunity to play in the best venues of Edinburgh while staying in the heart of a beautiful city.

Ms. Rebecca Hart


FAQs about this tour

Find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

  • Does Edinburgh Fringe provide a ready-made audience?

    The city comes alive when the Fringe festival comes to town, with it the biggest event after the Olympics and football World Cup! So you can expect thousands of tourists and city livers to be ready to view your performances in designated festival venues where we can arrange your scheduled performance time. 

    Venues are made clear by signs outside the performance spaces and are also on the Edinburgh Fringe scheduler (which means audiences can easily find you). Brilliant and electric and varied performance spaces like Brewhemia (which is great for an intimate and sing-along atmosphere) and Greyfriars Kirk (known for its stunning acoustics and captivating visuals) are two stand outs which are at the heart of the city.  

  • What is there to do when we’re not performing at the Fringe?

    What isn’t there to do! With all the traditional landmarks and places to visit of Scotland’s capital city, like 

    Then there’s Fringe coming to town and boosting the things to see and do enormously! You’ll find street performers everywhere you look, from musicians to artists, acrobats to magicians to designated shows in venues across the city and the epic and, quite simply, unforgettable Edinburgh Tattoo – which is brilliant!  

    You’ll be busy from morning until night and will probably need a few  visits to the festival to savour every last moment. 

  • Is Edinburgh Fringe Accessible?

    You’ll be surprised how financially accessible and easy it is to get  to the Edinburgh Fringe is! 

    It’s well known costs to attend and stay at the festival can rise in the month of August. Not to worry though, as going with us means we’ll tailor-make your Edinburgh Fringe experience with our excellent supplier contacts, transportation links, performance venue contacts, all whilst arranging your perfect itinerary from top to bottom. 

    And if you give yourself 10-12 months advance notice, your monthly costs will be more manageable, and you’ll have an improved chance of booking the accommodation, transport, excursions and performance venues you want.  

  • Can we perform in the evening?

    Definitely! If performance slots are available, we can book the performance space and time you wish to perform in. 

    It’s not just evening slots available, as venues can cater for your performance from lunch to the later hours too, with us also being able to book those times, dates and spaces (if available). 

  • How do we gather an audience in a place we aren’t familiar with?

    We work with tourist boards, venues, and online outlets to publicise your concerts on your behalf. We also create and distribute eye-catching publicity material, including leaflets and posters, featuring imagery of your group and the details of your forthcoming concerts.

    Social media is also your best friend when it comes to promotion. We encourage you to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so that we can spread the word!

    Visit our Concert Publicity page for details!

  • How do we go about transporting our instruments? Would hiring instruments be easier?

    As concert tour specialists, we understand the challenges of transporting instruments on tour. That’s why we work closely with airlines and coach companies to keep you in the know and alleviate any worries you may have.

    We can also hire the instruments you require so they’re ready and waiting for you.

    Assessing which option suits you and your trip the best is all part of the process!

    Visit our Instrument Transportation page for further details.

  • What are you responsible for?

    The DfE’s guidance for safe travel highlights the need for all those involved with the organisation and running of a tour to work together as a team. This is our aim at Rayburn Tours, to work together with our party leaders to ensure our groups’ safety and peace of mind.

Royal Mile in Edinburgh Fringe

Travel in safe hands

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us and we monitor the safety aspects of all of our tours to ensure you have a memorable experience for all the right reasons.

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