Rayburn Tours Netball Friendly…ish

Last updated: Oct 30th, 2023

Our team enjoy giving anything a go and to our surprise we have some secret Netball players within Rayburn Tours. So, it was time to have our very own Netball game! We love to do what we love to sell, and after work a handful of our team made their way to Derby Arena to begin a competitive game of netball. As beginners there were some rule breaks, however as a fun friendly match everyone went away feeling good, energised, and wanting to go again! Can we hear a Rayburn Tours Netball team calling? A bit more training is still needed for the team, but Rayburn Netballers will soon be showing on your screens!

The game was full of smiles, belly laughs and some cracking quotes from our players. Here are just a couple of our favourites:


“Oh I’m so sorry I keep hitting you, I just have no control once I’m moving!”
“This non-contact sport is turning into a contact sport!”

Confidence and Competitiveness

With confidence levels strong, we have some players who play Netball as a hobby, and others whose last experience was with their secondary school team. We were in for a competitive game. Starting with reaction training to warm up (and to ensure we don’t drop the ball) we practiced throwing and catching the ball whilst running to the centre of the circle and back. After our warmup we were roaring and ready to play Rayburns Netball match!

And the netball game begins…

A gentle start to the match with everyone learning their positions on the court. There was great communication among both teams however, green team began the first quarter with a strong start winning 3-0. Blacks started to look more competitive ready for the second and third quarter.

Rule breaks….

Now that everyone knew their positions, it was time for the competition to really get going. With a few feet movements, drastic height differences between the attacks and defences, and some contact in a non-contact sport… Blacks won the second and third quarter of the match. The competition stakes were high, and we are on to the final game of Rayburns netball match!

The final!

The confidence levels started rising, and all players started showing their competitive side for the final quarter, and greens took a few sneaky hints from black’s strategy. However, green team won the Rayburn Tours championship with their final quarter at 5-0! A great friendly competitive game from all our players. Could this be the start of Rayburn Netballers?

7 players on a netball court playing a match at Derby Arena

Your Rayburn Tours Netball Team!

We all survived our first Rayburn Tours netball match. Even if there were some rules broken! And what a great activity to bond and work as a team, similarly to one of our Netball tours! Our netball tours have so many unforgettable opportunities your team could experience on home ground and internationally. Your team could be taking part in a training session with an associate from the Loughborough Lightning franchise or developing your skills abroad with some of our international tours taking part in fixtures! Are you ready for everlasting memories and unforgettable experiences for your next Netball tour?

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