How We Refine Our School Ski Trips

Last updated: Apr 18th, 2024

We’ve been arranging school ski trips for thousands of schools over the course of many years, and when selecting our ski resorts, locations, slopes, and services, our knowledge and experience is vital to knowing the best fit for you and your students.

We personally hand-pick every ski resort, constantly ensuring they meet the highest standards that we set on your behalf, and this is how we achieve that.

Take a look.

We visit our ski destinations and see all the integral parts that make up our school ski trips first hand and, if we can, we’ll go back every year to continually make sure they meet our high standards.

Gemma Davies
Ski Sales Manager


We Send the Right People

Selecting the right people within our team to check every detail of our ski resorts is key. To this end, Rayburn team members from across numerous departments, like our Sales, Operations, and Products teams, visit and audit our destinations.

Sending people from different areas of our company means we focus on every vital angle and aspect that goes into creating our trips. Product is looking at hotels, Sales at the experience, Operations at the logistics, but all our roles are intertwined so their wealth of experience and specialism in creating tailor-made tours is seamlessly brought together – allowing them to get under the skin with every detail of a ski destination.

The Rayburn Machine

Rayburn Tours Ski Rep poses arm-in-arm with resort staff whilst visiting that ski destination.

If you book a tour with us, you’ll get your very own dedicated Ski Tour Consultant, who focuses purely on finding the best ski destination for your schools and students. They bring a wealth of skiing experience, helping understand your trip needs, wants, and proposing possible ski destination alternatives if they think they’d suit your group better.

You’ll then be seamlessly passed to your own committed Ski Tour Coordinator, whose role revolves around planning the logistics of your school ski trip with absolute precision. They organise everything, from travel to accommodation, excursions to ski schools and every detail in between.

Those are your main contacts within Rayburn, but whilst you work with them, there’s a whole team behind them, in what we call the Rayburn Machine, who are responsibly checking our school ski trips and the destinations they’re based on to meet our very highest standards.

The amount of insight we get by sending staff from our Sales, Operations, and Product teams to the ski resorts we offer is vital to knowing our ski destinations inside out. We also regularly send Ski Reps on tours, so we’re constantly seeing the week of a school ski trip in motion.

Gemma Davies
Ski Sales Manager



Maintaining & Creating Relationships

How aim is to maintain relationships as well as create new ones with suppliers, like hotels, excursions, and ski schools, as any successful school ski trip is built on fruitful and reliable relationships.

Keeping up to date with a lot of family-run places ensures we can trust their feedback and be certain they’re providing a robust, quality, and safe environment for your young people.

Nurturing new relationships further enhances our offering, keeping it fresh and up to date.

Both of these processes and approaches allow us to show appreciation to our suppliers, further cementing our relationships and knowing that when a Rayburn Tours school ski trip comes through their doors, they know to provide the same high-quality service we, and you, have come to expect.


Maintaining relationships with our suppliers is key as it helps us stay updated on any new developments and we can just discuss everything we need face-to-face. This shows we’re dedicated to them and at the same time, makes communication smoother and more effective.

Gemma Davies
Ski Sales Manager


Hand-Picked Ski Destinations

Rayburn Ski Reps take a selfie, with slopes in the background.

Are our hotel’s standards top-notch? What’s the après scene like? Do the ski schools speak fluent English? Are the logistics and practicalities, that underpin all our tours, sound?

These are the answers we’re looking for – we’re ensuring the health and safety standards surpass substantial. We’re making sure the quality is above and beyond. And we’re constantly doing this on your behalf to ensure your ski trip is simply perfect for your school and students.

“We take different skills and different people from across Rayburn to go out and assess the ski resort. Why? Because it ensures the location is right for the schools we tailor-make ski trips for.” Gemma Davies, Ski Sales Manager.

Skiing & Ski Schools

A central part of any ski trip is skiing, and our aim when refining our offering is to intimately understand the slopes available and who they’re primed for.

How do we do that? We’ll use the ski lifts, ski the slopes, and discover what they offer for each ability, and we’ll also get into the nitty gritty of that mountainside with the people who know it the best – the ski schools and ski instructors.

We’ll see the slopes first-hand and speak with the English-speaking ski schools we work with. The ski instructors are super passionate about their mountains, and they’ve got so much information about their resort that they’re more than willing to pass on to us.

Gemma Davies
Ski Sales Manager



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Ready to Ski with Rayburn?

We aim to constantly refine and develop our school ski trips so they meet our, and yours, very highest standards, and we do this by sending our specialist team out to resorts to check every last detail.

So, if you’re looking for a school ski trip where every inch has been assessed for safety and quality, and where every detail is made sure to benefit your experience, then call our friendly and specialist Ski team today.


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