Ski-Fit – The Personality Behind the Skiing

Last updated: May 30th, 2024

The humble ski fit is so much more than trying on the right bits of gear, it’s a window into the world of skiing showcasing the excitement, the safety, the community, and the FUN!

Sure, it’s hectic, but it’s where you get the chance to meet unique characters and create chapters in your school’s own skiing story.

Whether you’re in France, Italy, or Canada, the ski-fits at our destinations all tap into the same vibes. Check it out!

Real Ski-Fitters

What They Said


Students want to ski immediately, and they want to try everything like their goggles, their boots, and their helmets – it’s loads of fun for them!

Snowspace, Bardoneccia Ski Resort’s

What is a Ski Fit?

Just in case this is your first time thinking of skiing with your school and students, the ski fit is where teachers and class try on the necessary bits of gear vital for shredding those slopes.

Usually, it’s organised in your hotel or nearby and is the perfect starting point for a day full of skiing stories!

Snowboards and skis stacked on a stand outside.

Excitable Energy

The first thing you’ll notice is the hustle and bustle of a room decked out in ski gear and stuffed with skiers excitedly waiting to get their kit on – the energy is electric!

Expect the awkwardness of trying on different boots and finding the right fit of helmet, but also expect it to be the perfect place for your students to build their confidence and rapport with old and new friends within your class, really setting them up nicely for the days ahead.

Ski helmets and ski goggles on the rack of a ski-fit wall.

Safety & Flexibility

Behind the scenes is a world of careful planning and consideration, as the people behind the ski fit make it their main aim to maximise your time enjoying skiing by taking care of the safety side.

They’re experts at it, with the ski-fitters in Monte-Sainte Anne basically getting the whole process down to a fine art and completing ski-fits for schools in 25 minutes!

Then there’s the bubbly and family-run Snowspace at Bardonecchia, who are up at the crack of dawn to ensure the experience is as smooth and safe as possible.

Real Ski-Fitters

What They Said


We want the experience to be the best for your students, so we ensure everything is the right fit to avoid any aches or injuries. With that said, if skiers want to change their kit throughout the week after working up their confidence, we can do that too!

Snowspace, Bardonecchia Ski Resort

Two young boys fully ski-fitted playfully pose with snowboards in hand.

Community Charm

There are characters bursting with personality everywhere you look! Don’t be surprised to chat with the hotel staff, the equipment owners, and the ski reps whilst you check out your skiing look in the mirror, it’s all part of the fun!

Nothing’s any extra leg work either, with some ski resorts coming together to split entire accommodation groups into different rooms to streamline the process even further, whilst others store kit under their store for easy access when you start skiing the next day.

It’s just another show of how they’re thinking of you and your student’s convenience and enjoyment.

Simply put, it’s fun for your students to be in the centre of a community before a day of learning new things, but it also means they tap into a network of new and exciting people in a fun and friendly environment.

Selected by Specialists

Underpinning that even further is our careful and curated selection of the best ski resorts, with the best ski fitters, by our specialist ski team.

Being experienced skiers and boarders themselves, they know intimately what makes a perfect school ski trip, so they’re on the lookout for all the good stuff like energy, safety, flexibility, community, and most importantly, that the whole experience is buckets of fun!

Plus, they continually refine our offering and your school’s ski trip even further by visiting and assessing the destinations we offer.

Blue graphic of skis and ski poles

Time to Ski?

Looking for a school ski trip ripe for creating moments and memories aplenty? Then call us today and let’s start your story with an incredible skiing adventure.


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