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We found the end of the rainbow

At the impressive Skogafoss waterfall we saw a full rainbow – but sadly there was no pot of gold. We scaled the steep steps to get the view from the top really challenging some students to face...

Iceland Day 1

After a very early start we managed to get everyone to the airport on time and without losing any essential items! The flight left on time and we saw an amazing sunrise as we neared Reykjavik.

Thingvellir National Park

We walked along where the North American plate and Eurasian plate are diverging. This is known as the Almannagja rift. Thingvellir is a world heritage site and attracts thousands of tourists every...

Day 2 Pompeii and Vesuvius

Day 2- What a challenge! Off we set to Pompeii in the morning. The sun shone and there was a lot of excitement at what was going to be seen. The first stop in Pompeii was the amphitheatre where a...

Northern lights Forecast

My bags are now packed, I now need to get my family sorted out. Just been checking out the Aurora forecast. Saturday promises to be a cold, clear day so we might just see the Northern Lights.

Day 3 in Italy- Capri

We walked from the hotel, up a very steep flight of steps into Sorrento town centre before descending a very steep path to the harbour which was at least 100m below us. Easy enough to go down, not so...

Day 2 in Italy

Just had a fabulous breakfast at Hotel del Mare. Well set up for the day ahead. On bus now on way to Pompeii. The sun is shining. It’s going to be a great day 🙂


01:30am, a lively group of 54 young geographers scramble onto the coach as we depart for a 3 hour journey to Dublin Airport, waved off by tearful Parents of course! By Sarah Young (U6)

Day 4 in NYC!

On day 4 of the NYC tour we woke up at 7:30am and had the standard breakfast of bagels and muffins. We set off walking for Central Park at 8:45 in good spirits and reached our destination at 9:20....

Day 1 in Italy

We have had a really busy day today. Departing school at 1am we had a 3 hour journey to Dublin, followed by a 3 hour flight to Rome. A number of pupils got a snooze either on the coach or on the...


In 13 hours we will be departing Irish soil to head to Italy. I think everyone is getting very excited. A few reminders have been posted on the group Facebook page. We are meeting at Coleraine High...

Icelandic weather looking good for next week