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TUI Ridge Park

Malta General

Hockey Tours to Malta

Hockey is a popular sport with both boys’ and girls’ teams in Malta and our local partners have links with the best clubs across the island. One of the great things about Malta is it’s small in...

Hockey Tours to London

If you’re planning on embarking on your first hockey tour or simply want to stay local, our hockey tours to London could be the perfect option for you and your team. A local weekend break will give...
The Peak District, Derbyshire

Hockey Tours to the UK, Midlands

For first-time tourers or groups on a budget, a hockey tour to the Midlands is packed with all the qualities of an international hockey tour, combined with the ease of staying on home ground. Whether...
Cape Peninsula Tour

Hockey Tours to South Africa

A hockey game against the iconic backdrop of Table Mountain sound like a dream? We think so too! Hockey is widely played in schools and clubs across the country so we can provide your team with...
Golden Temple

Hockey Tours to India

Our carefully crafted route around India ensures that you’ll see all of the main sights, whilst experiencing the very best of Indian hospitality and sporting culture on your hockey tour to India....

Hockey Tours to New Zealand

Hockey is widely played in schools and clubs in New Zealand and with the women’s national team enjoying huge success at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, its popularity is on the rise, making this a...
Sydney Harbour

Hockey Tours to Australia

Australia is the ultimate destination for an unforgettable hockey tour. Alongside great weather, beautiful beaches, stunning scenery and buzzing cities, Australia promises the very best sporting...

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Sarovar Premiere

ITC Welcome Hotel

Multi-Sport Tours to Belgium

Football, rugby and hockey are all big-hitters in Belgium and you’re never short on training opportunities. As one of the top-rated sporting nations in the world for football and hockey, Belgium...