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Multi-Sport Tours

Wembley Stadium

Multi-Sport Tours to London

If you’re looking for a quality multi-sport tour at a low cost, complete with professional coaching, competitive fixtures and a live match, a multi-sport tour to London could be the most affordable...

Hotel Suisse

Mount Lavinia Hotel

Derbyshire Countryside

Multi-Sport Tours to the UK, Midlands

For first-time tourers or groups on a budget, a multi-sport tour to the Midlands is packed with all the qualities of an international tour, combined with the ease of staying on home ground. By...

Springhill Suites Chicago River North

Multi-Sport Tours to Belgium

Football, rugby and hockey are all big-hitters in Belgium and you’re never short on training opportunities. As one of the top-rated sporting nations in the world for football and hockey, Belgium...

Freehand Chicago

Multi-Sport Tours to Germany

If you’re looking for a trip that ticks all the boxes, then look no further than a multi-sport tour to Germany. Perfect for boys’ and girls’ teams and a strong football destination, our...

Hotel Clarks Shiraz

Amsterdam Canal Cruise

Multi-Sport Tours to the Netherlands

From the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam to the quaint town of Valkenswaard, a school sports tour to the Netherlands is sure to meet your team’s sporting, sightseeing and educational needs. Football...

Sarovar Premiere

coach talk

Multi-Sport Tours to France

With its close proximity to the UK, a school sports tour to France offers a tempting sports package that’s easily reachable by coach or air. Perfect for girls’ and boys’ teams, as well as...