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Beautiful landscape of ruins with Mount Vesuvius in the background

Mount Vesuvius

Dominating the Gulf of Naples, a close inspection of this mighty stratovolcano highlights the potential dangers faced by the one million people living in its shadow. A walk to the immense crater rim...
A stunning view of the streets Pompeii


Embark on a half day guided tour to learn about Roman life before the 79 AD eruption which showered Pompeii with ash, stones and pumice. Your guided tour will take you to the Forum, the Basilica and...

Jurys Inn, Derby

Holiday Inn Express, Derby

Premier Inn Derby Riverlights

Denby Pottery Tour

Students will go behind the scenes and have the opportunity to meet the host of skilled craftspeople who have been producing Denby Pottery for some 200 years. Your tour guide will guide you through...

JCB Factory Tour

Dig deep into JCB’s history, product and brand. The guided tours focus on how the iconic Backhoe Loader is built by the JCB assembly line. It really is fascinating stuff!

Jaguar Land Rover Factory Tour

A tour guide will take your students’ thorough the entire process of bringing a car to life! Understand how skilled technicians and sophisticated machines work together to build some of Jaguars...

Hollywood Bowl Derby

Enjoy a fun-filled evening of bowling! Challenge your group members to a game of bowling and get the competitive juices flowing.

Cadbury World Guided Tour

The tour tells the history of chocolate and the Cadbury business. There’s rides to be enjoyed and of course a visit wouldn’t be the same without a whole host of chocolate tasting!
Viewing Iceland in VR

FlyView Paris

Using the latest virtual reality technology, FlyView allows you to discover Paris from a completely new perspective. Grab your VR jetpack and enter a new world, flying over your favourite attractions...

Stayokay Egmond, Egmond