Beautiful landscape of ruins with Mount Vesuvius in the background

Mount Vesuvius

Dominating the Gulf of Naples, a close inspection of this mighty stratovolcano highlights the potential dangers faced by the one million people living in its shadow. A walk to the immense crater rim...
A stunning view of the streets Pompeii


Embark on a half day guided tour to learn about Roman life before the 79 AD eruption which showered Pompeii with ash, stones and pumice. Your guided tour will take you to the Forum, the Basilica and...
Colourful coastiline of Capri Island

Capri Day

Journey to the idyllic Isle of Capri, a haven of rugged seascapes, exquisite beauty and lavish living. Enjoy a ferry trip from Sorrento to the island and start exploring the smart settlements of...
Roman archway of Piscina Mirabilis

Piscina Mirabilis

A guided visit to Piscina Mirabilis provides an insight into the advanced technology used by the Romans and their mastery of water management. A Roman reservoir constructed in the first century under...

Glass Bottom Boat trip

Take a trip to a submerged archaeological park that’s hidden in front of the modern port of Baia. Now underwater, the magnificent resort the remains of various Roman residences and spa...
A steaming fumarole of Sofatara


Solfatara is a volcanic crater forming part of the Campi Flegrei. With still much activity evident with steaming, sulphurous fumaroles and boiling mud puddles.
Ruins of columns of the Pozzuoli amphitheatre

Pozzuoli Amphitheatre

The third largest amphitheatre in Italy, the arena was where the the skill of gladiators were put to the test, fighting to the death, for the entertainment of the Roman aristocracy seated in the...
Roman ruins of the temple of serapis

Temple of Serapis

The ruins of this ancient Roman market are significant  to demonstrate the process of bradyseism; the phases of slow sinking and uplift of the land that have that have been frequent throughout the...
Mountain landscape with the Averno lake

Averno Lake

Visit the green oasis of Lago Averno, a volcanic crater lake and an easy guided walk on flat ground that can be combined with a hike to the crater rim of Monte Nuovo.
Volcanic crater of monte Nuovo

Monte Nuovo

A guided hike takes you to the crater rim of the volcanic cone. From the rim groups can return along the same route or may combine this with a walk to Averno Lake.
Roman ruins of parco archelogical del pausilypon as the landscape

Grotta di Seiano and Parco Archeological del Pausilypon

A remarkable example of Roman Engineering The Grotta di Seiano (Cave of Seiano) cuts through Posillipo Hill, constructed in the first century AD, carved out of the volcanic yellow tuff rock (the...
Landscape of the town of Pozzuoli

Rione Terra

Now known as the town of Pozzuoli, Rionne Terra is the oldest part of the city. Descend from the streets of modern day Pozzuoli and walk in the footsteps of the Ancient Romans along the 2,000 year...