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Religious Studies

Wembley International Hotel

Westminster Cathedral

Westminster Cathedral is the mother church of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales.

Covent Garden

Located in the West End of London, Covent Garden is renowned for its luxury fashion and beauty stores as well as award-winning restaurants and theatres.

The Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum is a museum dedicated to British Jewish Life displaying historical artefacts and disturbing tales of the holocaust. The museum offers an eye opening educational experience for...

Buddhapadipa Temple

The Buddhapadipa Temple is a Thai Buddhist temple which is located in Wimbledon. It is home to monks and nuns and welcomes respectful groups of any faith to view their grounds and temple.

Bevis Marks Synagogue

Bevis Marks Synagogue is the oldest and possibly most splendid Synagogue in Great Britain. It really is a work of art.

Neasden Temple

Neasden Temple is a vibrant Hindu Place of worship in north-west London. It has been described as Britain’s most authentic Hindu temple.

London Central Mosque

The London Central Mosque is an Islamic place of worship located on the edge of Regent’s Park in central London.

Thames River Cruise

See the city from the water on a Thames River Cruise, where you’ll experience the sights and splendour of London from the comfort of a cruise boat. Weave your way down the river and pass many of...

Hotel Santa Costanza, Rome

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

One of England’s most notable religious buildings, Westminster Abbey is a place of historical and spiritual importance in English history. Every year, this 700-year-old Gothic abbey church welcomes...

Ibis London Earls Court, Fulham