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Unforgettable ski trips to Europe, the USA and Canada


As skiers and boarders ourselves, we know what it takes to create ultimate school ski trips. We’ve sought out the best ski resorts that are perfect for schools, from close-to-home European destinations to exciting long-haul locations such as the USA and Canada. And whilst we’re all about the skiing, we’ll work with you to strike the right balance between time spent on and off the slopes, as well as provide all those finer details that really ‘make’ a school ski trip.



Our School Ski Trips

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Ski And Snowboard Gear Essentials To Keep You On Piste


Want to know the essentials and nice to haves whilst on your ski tour? Then take a downhill slide on this purpose-built blog piece that lets you know the ski and snowboard gear essentials to keep you on piste.


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